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The 24th Helsinki Summer Seminar on International Law 15-26.8.2011

Lisbon, Kadi and After: The EU in the Global Legal Order

The EU seems to be increasingly ambitious to act as a global power. The case law of the European Court of Justice has come to assert EU values even against the Security Council, and with the Lisbon Treaty's entry into force, it would seem that foreign and security policy have become more fully integrated. This raises a host of questions, ranging from the technical details relating to the EU's external actions to questions about the global rule of law. The 2011 Helsinki Summer Seminar aims to take stock and to provide a platform for critical reflection and debate.

Professor Marise Cremona, EUI Florence
Professor Jan Klabbers, University of Helsinki
Professor Panos Koutrakos, University of Bristol
Dr Päivi Leino-Sandberg, Ministry of Justice, Finland
Dr Esa Paasivirta, EU Commission Legal Service
Professor Gianluigi Palombella, University of Parma


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