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Lecture on Law and War in Cyberspace


Lecture by Dr.Russell J Buchan (University of Sheffield)

Time: Wednesday 21 May at 12.15 - 15.00 (Coffee break 13.30-13.45)

Venue: Room P667 (Yliopistonkatu 3, Porthania 6th floor)

The event is open to everyone, no registration is needed.

Abstract: Since the emergence of cyberspace international society has been heavily dependent upon computer technology in order to conduct its affairs. Although cyberspace yields many advantages, it has also left states vulnerable to attacks against their computer systems. These two seminars address the extent to which the jus ad bellum applies to cyber attacks, taking into account recent incidents of cyber attack such as those in Estonia 2007 and Iran 2011'.


Russell Buchan holds a PhD in international law from the University of Bristol. Russell has published widely in leading academic journals in the field of public international law, with a focus on collective security, international criminal law, international humanitarian law and cyber security. Russell sits on the editorial board of the Journal of the Use of Force in International Law and the International Community Law Review. Russell’s monograph was published by Hart Publishing in 2013 and is entitled International Law and the Construction of the Liberal Peace, and was the recipient of the American Society of International Law’s Francis Lieber Prize for an outstanding monograph in the field of the Law of Armed Conflict


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