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ECI Guest Brown Bag Seminar / Dr. Sari Kouvo

ECI Guest Brown Bag Seminar / Dr. Sari Kouvo
Wednesday 31 October 2012, at 12:15 pm
Room P668 (Porthania Building, Address: Yliopistonkatu 3).

How will this end? Justice and reconciliation in Afghanistan

This research project analyses the efforts to promote transitional justice, on the one hand, and reintegration and reconciliation, on the other hand, in Afghanistan. This project does at a very practical level grapple with the peace versus justice dilemma, analyzing how the lack of focus on past and present violations has contributed to a culture of impunity, but also at how raising issues about these violations are used to fuel political tensions and conflict. The research does then look concretely on what 'justice' and 'accountability' means (or not) for the current efforts to promote reintegration of combatants and national reconciliation in Afghanistan. With the focus on these questions, the research also looks at the legacies of the international intervention after the planned withdrawal of international military forces in 2014.

This ongoing research project is part of the Afghanistan Analysts Network's focus on peace and conflict in Afghanistan. It is done by two researchers who both several years of experience in Afghanistan. Patricia Gossman is a founder of the Afghanistan Justice Project (AJP), one of the few substantial, published, war crimes documentation projects in Afghanistan. She is also author of several papers and reports on human rights, transitional justice and war crimes in Afghanistan. Sari Kouvo who will be presenting the seminar has followed human rights and justice issues in Afghanistan for the European Union, Amnesty International and the International Centre for Transitional Justice (see separate bio). This research is then built on field research, and with the acknowledgement that the devil's always in the detail.

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The event is open for everyone, and no registration is needed. Welcome!