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The Legacy of Liu Xiaobo 12 January 2018

Past events:


Legitimacy and International Investment Arbitration, 27 January 2017


Brown Bag Seminar on 'No Longer an Object of International Law: The Jewish Yearbook of International Law’, 5 December 2016

Helsinki Summer Seminar: Law, War and New Technologies 22-27 August 2016.

Law between Global and Colonial: Techniques of Empire, 3-5 October 2016

Guest lecture by Benjamin Gregg on Human Rights via Fulbright Intercountry Travel Program, 25 May.

Guest lecture by Benjamin Gregg on Human Rights and Genetic Engineering, 24 May.

History, Politics, Law Thinking Through the International, 16-17 May in Cambridge UK.

Brown Bag Coffee Seminar on “From Azinian to Clayton: A Brief History of Judicial Politics under NAFTA Article 1105”, 27 April.

Brown Bag Coffee Seminar on "The Gospels of International Law. The Genealogical Structure of International Legal Argumentation", 28 April.

Seminar on International Humanitarian Law. Modern Technologies in Armed Conflict, 14 April

Guest lecture by Dr. Maria Varaki on "Europe’s mixed migration crisis; a New Era or the End of the Era for the EU migration and asylum framework"?, 4 April

Brown Bag by Jan Klabbers: Sins of Omission: The Responsibility of International Organizations for Failing to Act, 3 March

Deborah Whitehall’s Brown Bag on States of Virtue, L’État(s) Français, 23 February


Workshop "A new world order? Internationalism and legal imagination in inter-war Europe”, December 17, 2015

Hierarchies as Law by Damjan Kukovec, 10 December

The Guardian or the Enemy? Russia’s Approach to International Law and Human Rights Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, 7 December 2015

Implementation of ECtHR judgments in Russia, including in light of the recent positions by the Russian Constitutional Court, 8 December

Empire and Religion: Non-Western Legal Histories Workshop, 16-17 November

Order and Contestation: The Role of Actors and Authorities in Islamic International Law and International Relations, Helsinki, 18 November

Book Launch: Revisiting the Origins of Human Rights - Eds. Pamela Slotte & Miia Halme-Tuomisaari, 19 November

Chemical Weapons in Modern Armed Conflicts Seminar 4 November

Erik Castrén Brown Bag Lecture on "Rites of Affirmation: Progess and Immanence in International Humanitarian Law Historiography" by Rotem Giladi, 14th October.

28th Helsinki Summer Seminar Sovereignty, Territory and Jurisdiction17-28 August.

More Information available at the Seminar's offical web.

UN at 70: Still Going Strong. UN Charter in Theory and Praxis

Seminar on 'Theorising International Environmental Law' by Yoriko Otomo

Brown Bag Seminar on "Handmaiden of Empire and Humanity's Last Resort: The Right of Communication" by Lauri Tähtinen, 22nd May

"“Between the Times”:  Embattled Temporalities and Anti-Historicism in Interwar European Thought", ECI brown bag seminar by Liisi Keedus, 8 April 2015 at 15.15 in P545 Faculty Meeting Room Porthania (Yliopistonkatu 3, 5th floor)

Two Global Souths, Resistance and the Future of International Law and Human Rights, Guest Lecture by Professor Balakrishnan Rajagopal, 15 April 2015 at 14.15-16 in P545, Faculty Meeting Room, Porthania (Yliopistonkatu 3, 5th floor)

Anne Orford on Hammarskjöld, Austerity, and Economic Thinking
at the UN
16 January

Anne Orford on Civil War, Intervention, and International Law 15 January

Anti-terrorism legislation, its problem areas and consequences, Saturday 3 January 2015. Suomen laki-sali Porthania (Yliopistonkatu 3)


The Ukrainian Crisis: International Politics and Legal Implications 8 December

History and Histories of International Law Conference, Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 October, 2014, Runeberg Hall, University Main Building (Fabianinkatu 33, 2nd floor)

Paul Seils: Accountability in Syria: Walking before Running 23 Sept

Disaster Law - Shaping Laws and Regulations to Save Lives by David Fischer from International Red Cross 22 Sept 2014

What to do with the TTIP? Panel discussion on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, 27 August 2014, 12.15-14, Suomen Laki -sali (PIV), Porthania, Yliopistonkatu 3, 1st floor)

Helsinki Summer Seminar on International Law: International Investment Law: Between Private and Public, 18-29 August, 2014

Rights, self-determination, culture - and what they mean for 'indigeneity'
, ECI brown bag seminar by Professor Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff, 28 May 2014 at 10.15-12, room P667 (Porthania, Yliopistonkatu 3, 6th floor)

"Victims of serious human rights violations as reparations claimants at international judicial forums: The cases of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the International Criminal Court and the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia", ECI brown bag seminar by Dr. Juan Pablo Perez Leon Acevedo, May 22 at 10.15-12.00 noon, room p667 (Porthania, Yliopistonkatu 3, 6th floor)

Lecture on Law and War in Cyberspace, by Dr.Russell J Buchan, Wednesday 21 May at 12.15 - 15.00, Room P667 (Yliopistonkatu 3, Porthania 6th floor)

Research seminar on Cyber Espionage and International Law, by Dr.Russell J Buchan, Tuesday 20 May at 12.15 - 14.00, Room P669 (Yliopistonkatu 3, Porthania 6th floor)

Talk on "The International Rule of Law and the Regional Security Architecture in the Asia Pacific" at 15.15-17.00, room 669 (Porthania, Yliopistonkatu 3, 6th floor)

Closing Guantanamo: Mission NOT Accomplished Lecture by Professor Rick Wilson, 8 May at 16.15-18.00, room 674 (Porthania, Yliopistonkatu 3, 6th floor)

Workshop on Clinical Legal Education, 6 May 2014 at 14.15.-17.00, room P545, Porthania

Working Group on International Law and Religion, 5-7 May Rome, Italy

Why is Killing in War (Not) Murder? Combatant’s Privilege in International and Domestic Law. ECI brown bag seminar by Dr Rain Liivoja, 30 April 2014 at 12.15-14, room P667 (Porthania, Yliopistonkatu 3, 6th floor)

Discussion on the future of the European area of justice, rule of law and fundamental rights, Monday 28 April 2014 at 14.15 - 16.15, at the Great Hall, University of Helsinki (Entry through Aleksanterinkatu 5)

"The Virtues in Conflict?", Roundtable session, Research project Towards a Credible Ethics for Global Governance, 25 April 2014

Rule and Rules, ECI brown bag seminar by Professor Nicholas Onuf, 24 April 2014 at 12.15-14, room P667 (Porthania, Yliopistonkatu 3, 6th floor)

Working Group on International Law and Empire (Berlin, Germany), 7-9 April 2014, the Finnish Institute, Berlin

Seminar on Rule of Law in Central Asia, 26 March 2014 at 14-16, room P545 (Porthania, Yliopistonkatu 3, 5th floor)

Tradition and Critique: Moral Education in the Study of International Law
ECI brown bag seminar by Tuomas Tiittala, 19 March 2014 at 12.15-14.00, room P669

Beyond Corporate Governance: Why a new Approach to the Study of Corporate Law is needed to Address Global Inequality and Economic Development, Guest lecture by Prof. Dan Danielsen, 17 March 2014 at 16.15-18.00, room P669

The International Civil Service and the Virtues", Roundtable session, Research project Towards a Credible Ethics for Global Governance, 14 March 2014


‘Where have they all gone? Globalisation, Language Diversity and International Law’
ECI Guest Lecture by Fernand de Varennes, 13 Dec. 2013, from 3:15 pm until 5 pm, room P669

"The Place of Badiou's Ethics" ECI brown bag seminar by Guilherme Vasconcelos Vilaça, 28 November 2013, from 12:15 pm – 2 pm, room P668 (address: Yliopistonkatu 3)

"Anti-impunity as Governmentality", ECI Guest Brown Bag Seminar / Hani Sayed, Fri 15 Nov. 2013, from 2 pm until 4 pm, Porthania Building, room P669

On the Humanization of the Syrian Question: A Critique of International Legal/Institutional Responses, The 2nd Erik Castrén Lecture on International Law, by Hani Sayed / 4:15 pm - 6 pm on 14 November 2013 / Arppeanum Auditorium (address: Snellmaninkatu 3)

Forests, International Law and Experimentalist Governance, ECI Guest Lecture by Margaret Young / 4:15 pm - 6 pm on 4 November 2013 / Faculty Room P545 (address: Yliopistonkatu 3)

"Indigenous epistemologies and methodologies – new approaches to teaching and research"  31 October 2013 / 03.00 pm – 07.30 pm. ,University of Helsinki, AUD XII (address: Unioninkatu 34)

'Mobile controls: ethnographies of borders regimes' Seminar by Shahram Khosravi / 10 am - 12 pm noon on 28 October 2013 / Faculty Room p545 (address Yliopistonkatu 3)

"Evolution of the Idea of a United Europe: Some Legal Conlusions" ECI Guest Brown Bag Seminar by Zhenis Kembayev / 23 October 2013

Workshop organisé par les professeurs E. TOURME-JOUANNET, Martti KOSKENNIEMI et Hélène RUIZ FABRI: Droit international, empire et marché, Samedi 28 septembre, Paris

CONTROLLING GLOBAL GOVERNANCE: kick-off seminar for the Martti Ahtisaari Academy Professorship / 30 Aug. 2013 / University of Helsinki Banquet rooms (Unioninkadun juhlahuoneistot), address: Unioninkatu 33

Helsinki Summer Seminar of International Law, Aug. 19 - 30, 2013

Iran Sanctions Regime: (il)legality, (il)legitimacy, (in)justice?, seminar co-hosted by ECI & Pugwash / 6 June 2013

The United Nations and International Law: Aspects of Peace and Security, seminar co-hosted by ECI & Ministry for Foreign Affairs / 17 May 2013 / The House of Estates (address: Snellmaninkatu 9)

Panel Discussion on Cyber Security, 11 March 2013

Investigation and Prosecution of Violations of International Humanitarian Law: Challenges and Perspectives / Prosecutor Serge Brammertz, ICTY / 22 Jan. 2013


ECI Brown Bag Seminar / Marieke de Hoon 28 Nov. 2012

Peace and Justice: Reflections from the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court / Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, ICC / 27 Nov. 2012

Joint Seminar Bringing International Human Rights Monitoring Home, 6 Nov. 2012

ECI Guest Brown Bag Seminar / Dr. Sari Kouvo, 31. Oct. 2012

ECI & UN Women Present: In the Shadow of a Man Movie, 19 Oct. 2012

Workshop on Inter-Ethnic Relations in the Barents Sea Area 18-19 Oct. 2012

ECI Brown Bag Seminar / Dr. Rain Liivoja 9 Sep. 2012

Helsinki Summer Seminar 20-31 August 2012 on International Law and Capitalism: Explorations into the Legal Architecture of the Political Economy

Guest Lecture by Professor Mary Ellen O'Connell: Attack Drones and the Challenge to Peace, 16 May 2012

ECI Guest Brown Bag Seminar / Professor Mary Ellen O'Connell - Teaching of International Law in the U.S., 16 May 2012

ECI Brown Bag Seminar / Tanya Monforte: Educating for Peace: Neo-liberal Governmentality, Conflict and the Child, 11 May 2012

Guest lecture by Professor Richard Ned Lebow: The Politics and Ethics of Identity, 9 March 2012


Symposium: First steps of a Nuclear Dialogue in the Middle East, 18 November 2011

Human Rights and Conflicts 28 October 2011, ABSTRACTS

Revisiting the Origns of Human Rights: A Discussion with Prof. SAMUEL MOYN, 27 October

IV National Forum on Human Rights on Corporate Social Responsibility 20 October 2011

Guest Lecture: Prof. Anthony Carty on "East and West in International Law" 7 October


Sodan säännöt – media, valta ja vastuu -seminaari 29 September 2011

The Rule of Law in Finland and Mexico 13-15 September

Summer Seminar 2011: Lisbon, Kadi and After: The EU in the Global Legal Order

Nuclear weapons free zone in the Middle East? 15 June

Round table with Prof. Anne Orford 5 May

Guest Lecture on The Waning Freedom of the Seas by Judge Helmut Tuerk 14 April

Book launch: Universal Jurisdiction: Scope and Application 2 March

Closed meeting of the Graduate School in Human Rights Research 17-18 March

Seminar on Corporate Social Responsibility 25 March

CONSTRUCTING THE PAST, MAKING THE FUTURE: Political Agents and Legal Systems in the 19th Century 6 April

Worshop with Professor Anthony Carty 7 April


The International Criminal Court and the Responsibility to Protect
Synergies and Tensions
3-4 December 2010

Valtiosääntöpäivä 8.10.2010 (pdf)

Ihmisoikeusfoorumi 2010 (pdf)

Helsinki Summer Seminar of International Law, 16-27 August 2010

Revisiting the Imaginations of Europe and the World - Coming to Terms with Teleologies and Assessing Cosmopolitanism, 26-28 April 2010

Tietoverkkohyökkäykset: uusi teknologia ja kansainvälinen oikeus, 10 February 2010