Doctoral school in natural sciences

The Doctoral school in natural sciences is one of the four doctoral schools established at the University of Helsinki in 2014. It serves as an umbrella organisation for seven doctoral programmes in natural sciences and has around 500 doctoral candidates.

The training in the doctoral programmes of the school is based on world-class multi-diciplinary research. The participating faculties, departments and independent institutes provide the doctoral candidates outstanding research environment hosting, for example, several centres of excellence of the Academy of Finland.

The Doctoral school in natural sciences aims at recruiting the most talented and motivated doctoral candidates to its doctoral programmes and offering the selected candidates the best possible supervision and education. We believe in carefull planning of a research plan and tailored training for each doctoral candidate. Our ambition is to educate future top scientists and leading experts for academia and economic life.


  • Travel grants for members of the Doctoral school in natural sciences are again available. For more information, please contact the coordinator of your programme (listed below).

  • This new year begins with a new name as the university PhD student association says goodbye to Association of Doctoral Students at the University of Helsinki, and welcomes the new name that was chosen at the autumn meeting in November 2016 University of Helsinki PhD Students. More information about the association is available here.

  • The Doctoral school in natural sciences has awarded five graduates with an 1000 euro outstanding doctoral dissertation award. The award programme aims to recognize and encourage high quality research and writing by doctoral candidates in the school. Further information about the award is available here. The names of the winners are available here.

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Doctoral programmes
  • Atmospheric

    Doctoral programme in atmospheric sciences (ATM-DP)

    Director Academy Prof. Markku Kulmala
    Coordinator PhD Pauli Paasonen
    Programme website

  • Doctoral programme in chemistry and molecular sciences (CHEMS)

    Director Prof. Ilkka Kilpeläinen
    Coordinator Docent Markus Metsälä
    Programme website

  • Doctoral programme in computer science (DoCS)

    Director Prof. Petri Myllymäki
    Coordinator PhD Pirjo Moen
    Programme website

  • Doctoral programme in geosciences (GeoDoc)

    Director Prof. Tapani Rämö
    Coordinator PhD Tino Johansson
    Programme website

  • Doctoral programme in materials research and nanosciences (MATRENA)

    Director Prof. Jyrki Räisänen
    Coordinator Dr.Pharm. Alma Kartal-Hodzic
    Programme website

  • Doctoral programme in mathematics and statistics (Domast)

    Director Prof. Samuli Siltanen
    Coordinator PhD Åsa Hirvonen
    Programme website

  • Doctoral programme in particle physics and universe sciences (PAPU)

    Director Prof. Katri Huitu
    Coordinator D.Sc.(Tech.) Tapio Lampén
    Programme website

Applying to doctoral education
  • Director: Professor Kai Nordlund
  • Coordinator: Anni Tonteri, PhD
    P.O.Box 64 (Gustaf Hällströminkatu 2a)
    00014 Helsingin Yliopisto
  • Email: donasci-info[at]
    Mobile: +358 294157743
  • Coordination of doctoral programmes
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