Milla Tiainen

I have a number of research interests and specialisms. The areas my research relates to encompass feminist musicology, the cultural study of music, performance studies, sound and auditory culture studies, continental philosophy, and so-called new materialist developments in cultural, art and media theory. More specific interests include the voice; the thinking of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari; theories of affect, relation and the body in movement (e.g. Brian Massumi, Erin Manning); music as performance; interrelations between the senses and various media; the political potential of aesthetics;  masculinities in popular music; the feminist philosophies of Rosi Braidotti and Elizabeth Grosz; and the turns to process, materiality and emergence in branches of current humanities and social theory. The majority of these interests contributes to my sub-study within “Deleuzian Music Research” about the aesthetics and ethics of voice.

My publications so far comprise a single-authored book, a co-edited collection of essays, and a range of peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters. The monograph Säveltäjän sijainnit (“Locating the Composer,” The Research Centre for Contemporary Culture, University of Jyväskylä, 2005) critically explores gendered understandings of music and the artist in media texts by and about Finnish contemporary composers. The essay collection Musiikin ja teatterin tekijöitä (“Reconfiguring Authorship in Music and Theatre,” The Finnish Musicological Society, Helsinki 2005) analyzes practices and notions of complex distributed agency, or ‘authorship,’ in theatre and music. My sole-authored and co-authored essays deal with music as performance, voice as medium, theories of ‘agential’ materiality and sexual difference, affect, encounters between opera and cinema, and new materialist shifts in the theories and methodological underpinnings of cultural and art studies. These texts have been published or are forthcoming in such journals as Musiikki, Kulttuurintutkimus, Musiikin suunta,  Niin & Näin – Filosofinen Aikakauslehti, Lähikuva, Body & Society, and The European Journal of Media Studies. My doctoral dissertation Becoming-Singer: Cartographies of Singing, Music-Making and Opera is the first study to deploy Deleuze and Guattari’s thinking in the exploration of ‘classical’ music as performance. Its particular focus is on the study of singing and operatic performances. I am currently turning this project into a monograph (under review with University of Minnesota Press).