Crisis and Communication: A Comparative Study

The project Crisis and Communication: A Comparative Study (Helsinki University 2007-2010) analyzes the use and function of communication in different types of crises. The project covers several crises at both the Finnish (Nokia town water crisis, Jokela school shooting in Finland) and international level (Tsunami disaster, Virginia Tech school shooting). The C&C -project combines the different disciplinary approaches of media, organization and communication studies. Special focus is given to the comparative element: the analysis of communicational processes in different types of crises and in different social contexts (the media, the state, and public organizations).

The role of new media is especially emphasized in the project. The C&C project consists of several individual and joint studies producing articles, reports and seminars aimed at both international and national academic audiences and practitioners.

The research project arranged the international and cross-disciplinary conference, Violence and the Network Society, which was held for the first time in Finland at the University of Helsinki. The conference gathered together researchers of violence in society, sociologists involved in the study of violence, media researchers, historians, political researchers, philosophers, educators, researchers of visual culture and criminologists. We discussed the significance of violence in the network society, as well as its historical, cultural and social roots and connections. The Research Network emerged from the conference in Helsinki November 2009.

The project is carried out by the Communication Research Centre at the Department of Communication, University of Helsinki. The project is funded by the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation.

Publications of Crisis and Communication project in Finnish

The project consists of several sub-projects and case studies:

School Shootings and the Network Society
Salli Hakala, Johanna Sumiala, Minttu Tikka, Maarit Pedak

The Water Crisis in the Town of Nokia
Heidi Lavento

Crisis, the Finnish Red Cross and the Media Society
Minttu Tikka, Salli Hakala, Maarit Pedak

Tsunami: Information Flow and Communication in the Asian Tsunami Disaster
Salli Hakala, Maarit Pedak

Contact person at the University of Helsinki:
Salli Hakala
Communication Research Centre
FI-00014, University of Helsinki, Finland
tel. +358 9 191 23770