Communio Sanctorum - Sacred Visual Communities in the Context of Media Age

Research project titled Sacred Visual Communities in the context of Media Age, analyses how mediated images of death constitute the sense of togetherness in contemporary media society. The study develops new conceptual ways of theorizing the linkage between the social and the image discussing the topic in the theoretical framework of sociology of media. Secondly, the study consists of empirical analyses of ritualization of the use of mediated images in different media cultural contexts such as in Great Britain and in Finland. Empirical data of mediated images of death, suffering and sacrifice is collected from different media (print and electronic) sources (Finnish and British). This data is analysed and discussed by applying the method of ritual and narrative analysis. The empirical material is used in order to offer a richer analysis of how the idea of the (sacred centre of) the social is constructed in the visual representations of death and how these images constitute the sense of community in the late modern media age in its different media cultural contexts.

The University of Helsinki, Department of Communication, Communication Research Centre (CRC). The project is funded by Academy of Finland.

Research director: Johanna Sumiala, Ph.D.
tel. +358 9 191 23632


Timetable: 1.8.2005 - 31.12.2008