Network Contact Information

Crisis, Communication and Society Research Network

Dr. Soc. Sci., University Lecturer
Salli Hakala
+358 2941 23770

Assistant Professor (Docent)
Ph.D. Johanna Sumiala
+358 2941 40813

M.Soc.Sc, PhD candidate
Minttu Tikka
+358 50 318 7606

Department of Social Research
Communication Research Centre CRC
Unioninkatu 37 (P.O. Box 54)
00014 University of Helsinki


About Us

This Research Network emerged from the conference on Social Violence in the Network Society at the University of Helsinki, 6-7 November 2009.  

The international and cross-disciplinary conference, Violence and the Network Society, was held for the first time.

The conference gathered together researchers of violence in society, sociologists involved in the study of violence, media researchers, historians, political researchers, philosophers, educators, researchers of visual culture and criminologists. The scope of the conference was the significance of violence in the network society.

The goal of the network is to publish articles, international anthologies and special issues on related topics. Seminars and workshops are organized to increase international networking.

The Crisis, Communication and Society Research Network includes researchers from Europe, North America and Asia. The research fellows represent various academic institutions and disciplines ranging from sociology and social psychology to journalism, media and communication studies. If you like to join in, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

University Lecturer Salli Hakala
Assistant Professor (Docent) Johanna Sumiala