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Cosmopolitan Teleologies and Europe, 26-28 April, Helsinki

The nineteenth century was marked by the gradual decline of old empires and the rise of new ones, resulting in a political, legal and economic re-ordering of the European space in the search for stability. At the beginning of the period, the language of natural law began to weaken in the face of the emergent vocabularies of economics, geopolitics, and global law. Natural law’s persuasiveness in articulating foundational social values began to decline; so, too, did a particular vision of universalism, one closely allied to the cosmopolitan self-understanding.

The conference Revisiting the Imaginations of Europe and the World: Coming to Terms with Teleologies and Assessing Cosmopolitanism explores the transformations of cosmopolitanism, and the intersection of cosmopolitanism and Europe’s self-perception during this crucial period of modernity.

It seeks critical insights on the relationship between Europe’s cosmopolitan ideologies and European expansion on the one hand and on teleological understandings of Europe on the other. The conference reflects on empires and imperialism.
The Conference will consist of three sections:

  1. The Cosmopolitan Mindset
  2. Refiguring Europe from Without
  3. Semantic Fields of Refiguring the European Self

An historical perspective can both underscore the fluidity and openness of conceptual spaces and simultaneously help reveal specific legal and political entanglements within European self-understanding. The conference explores the historical legacy of present day political realities.

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