Chinese Language and Culture courses

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From autumn 2017 on, CI will deliver courses mainly in 3 new tracks

Track 1: Courses for Finnish University Students
The majority of CI courses will be run with the cooperation of the University of Helsinki’s Language Centre. These credited courses are available to University of Helsinki students (from all faculties). If you are a student of another Finnish university, please kindly remember to apply for JOO Flexible Study Rights before your university’s deadline. This will ensure that your taking of CI courses can be recognized by your university.

Unlike our old 5-credit courses, the new CI-Language Center courses will be broken down to 2-credit or 3-credit course. This will give you more flexibility to complete one course within shorter time (normally 1 period).

Track 2: Courses for Specific MA Programmes in the University of Helsinki
University of Helsinki has created a number of new BA and MA programmes. A very small number of CI courses will be offered as part of the “China Study module” in the MA Area and Culture Study Programme AND the MA Intercultural Study Programme (ICE). These courses are 5 credits per semester. If you are planning to do your master degrees in these programmes, you will find 2 to 3 CI Chinese courses available to you per semester.

Track 3: Non-University Students
We will offer separate elementary Chinese courses for non-university students.

From intermediate level on, non-university students may join the aforementioned Language Centre courses, but there are quotas for university students in each course. So, in case that joint courses with university students is not possible, we will try to offer separate courses for non-university students.

Calligraphy and other non-academic cultural courses might be offered in this track as well.

Others: Classical Chinese
From time to time, CI will hire external lecturer to offer Classical Chinese to students in the MA Language Programme This course is suitable for students with advanced Chinese and wish to have a glimpse into the wonder of Classical Chinese.

Registration 2017-2018

1. UNIVERSITY STUDENTS should register via Weboodi
Registration weeks 2017–2018
Period 1, week 34 (21.–27.8.)
Period 2, week 42 (16.–22.10.)
Period 3, week 1 (2. – 7.1.)
Period 4, week 9 (26.2.–4.3.)
Intensive period, week 17 (23.–29.4.)

2. STUDENTS FROM OTHER UNIVERSITIES BUT UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI should first apply JOO Flexible Study Rights and second register via weboodi (see above)

If you are a student of another Finnish university, please remember to apply for JOO Flexible Study Rights before your university’s deadline.Students without JOO Study Right are subject to course fee from Autumn 2018 onward. Your own university’s decision regarding your JOO study right needs to reach University of Helsinki by : 1−30 April (for courses during autumn semester) or by 1-31 October (for courses during spring semester). Please see Univ. of Helsinki’s instructions
and your own university’s instructions for more

3. STUDENTS OF UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, UPPER SECONDARY SCHOOLS and other NON-STUDENT LEARNERS register via e-form provided by Confucius Institute on this webpage. Registration periods: 10 Aug-3 Sept 2017; 1 Dec 2017-12 Jan 2018.

From Autumn 2018 onward students of University of Applied Sciences and upper secondary schools are subject to course fee.

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Teaching periods at the University of Helsinki

Confucius Institute courses are organized during the semesters of the University of Helsinki. Teaching mainly follows the four seven-week teaching periods used at the university. Usually there is no teaching during the break week between periods 1 and 2 and between periods 3 and 4.

Period 1: 4 September- 20 October 2017
Study break: 23 October- 29 October 2017
Period 2: 30 October - 15 December 2017
Period 3: 15 January - 2 March 2018
Study break: 5 March -11 March 2018
Period 4: 12 March - 4 May 2018

Courses in 2017-2018

Course list

Register here (Only for non University of Helsinki Students)

Register to Spring 2018 courses by filling the following e-form (registration opens 1 December at 9 AM):

Registrations are handled on a first-come first-served basis. In case the course is full, you´ll be contacted by e-mail.


In case you missed the registration and wish to enroll a course, please contact the CI office: mariliina.rasanen(at), 050-3199538


Course fee

There is a course fee for non-university students
26-28h course 99,20e
52-56h course 148,80e (The prices include 24%VAT).

For university students (University of Helsinki and other universities, including Univ. of Appliced Sciences) the teaching is free of charge.

Course material and payment of material fee for language courses

Enrolled students can buy course books at the Confucius Institute (prices TBA here by 4 Sept 2017). Some of the books will be available in Suomalainen kirjakauppa too.

Payment instructions

How to get credits/Certificate

The credits of the students of University of Helsinki will be saved in Weboodi automatically.

Other learners may obtain a certificate from the Confucius Institute. Please contact the coordinator after completing the course. The teacher will provide the credit list within one month after the final exam.


The coordinator will answer to any course related inquiries.
Tel. 02941 22868