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Chinese painting and calligraphy event in Oulu
12 December 2015
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Chinese language teacher training workshop
21 November 2015
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Chinese Culture Club: Chinese Movie Night: In the Heat of the Sun
20 November 2015

HSK writing test
14 November 2015

Chinese Culture Club: Making friends before winter comes!
13 November 2015
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Visit of 24 principals from the Dongcheng district of Beijing
12 November 2015
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Chinese painting and calligraphy event in Tampere
9 November 2015
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Mid-Autumn celebration: making moon cakes in Oulu
27 Septmeber 2015
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Mid-Autumn celebration: making Chinese handicrafts in Joensuu

26 September 2015
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Confucius Institute Day Seminar 2015 - China's New Silk Road Initiatives
25 September 2015
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Espoo Moon Festival
24 September 2015
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Visit from the China Social Sciences Press
22 September 2015
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Issues of Chinese Foreign Policy and Society - Seminar with 4 renowned professors from Renmin University
21 September 2015
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Kauko Laitinen attends a discussion led by Vice Prremier Liu Yandong on Sino-European academic co-operation and its future possibilities in Brussels, Belgium.
2015 is the 40th anniversary of EU-China relations.
14 September 2015

Delegation of Vantaa City Education Office visits Jinan, Shandong Province
Participates the seminar "Dialogue on Confucianism in the City of Springs". Kauko Laitinen gives a speech in the opening ceremony on behalf of all the participating Confucius Institutes.
1-4 September 2015

Delegation from University of Hall international Office, UK
Visit the CI, learning about structure, operation and good practices of the CI
28 August 2015

Confucius Institute held orientation training for new Chinese language teachers
21 August 2015
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Confucius Institute participated the Night of Art by presenting Chinese calligraphy and painting at Narinkkatori
20 August 2015
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Innovative Architecture in a World Heritage Wooden Town in Rauma, Finland
Kauko Laitinen attends the Finnish-Chinese-Japanese universities architectural workshop.
20 August 2015

"Miten Kiina muuttuu talviolympialaisten myötä" (How China will change due to the forthcoming Winter Olympics)
Interview of Kauko Laitinen at the Finnish National Broadcasting Company's radio channel YLE Puhe
4 August 2015

Kauko Laitinen participates the Nordic Association for China Studies (NACS) 12th Biennal Conference in Uppsala, Sweden
Kauko Laitinen gives a presentation titled "Recollections on the 18th century China by Finns Serving the Swedish East India Company"
9-11 June 2015

Wang Hong and Mariliina Räsänen participated in poster exhibition
3-5 June 2015

Finnish high school and elementary school principals visit schools in Beijing.
High School Affiliated to Renmin University, Capital Normal University High School, Beijing No. 14 High School, renmin University, Beijing Normal University. Arranged in co-opeartion with Hanban and Renmin University. Kauko Laitinen co-ordinates the visit.
30 May - 7 June 2015

Visit to Vaskivuori highschool by Kauko Laitinen and Wang Hong.
Rector Eira Kasper introduced the school. Future co-operation is planned.
19 May 2015

Chinese Chess Friendship Tournament
15 May 2015
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Issues of Chinese Foreign Policy and Society

A Mini-seminar with professors from Renmin University
11 May 2015

Five Years of Chinese Language Teaching at the University of Eastern Finland - Recollections adn Future Perspectives - Seminar at Joensuu Campus

Confucius Insitute staff participates with presentations
4 May 2015

Students and Teachers of Confucius Institute at UH Visited Chinese Embassy and hold a joint seminar with the Embassy staff

29 April 2015
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Kauko Laitinen attends NIAS Council Meeting in Copenhagen

27 April 2015

Nordic and Baltic Confucius Insitutes Meeting at Aalborg University, Denmark
Kauko Laitinen, Wang Hong and Mariliina Räsänen attend.
22-24 April 2015

HSK writing test
18 April 2015
19 participants

Kauko Laitinen attends Fudan Nordic Centre Council Meeting at Unicersity of Turku
16 April 2015

Chinese Culture Club: Chinese Traditonal Costumes- Hanfu
15 April 2015

14th Chinese Bridge Competiton and 8th Chinese Language Speech Event
10 April 2015

Guest Lecture: The traditional Chinese view of the world system and its confrontation with the western conception of inter-states relations from the Macartney mission to the Opium wars and beyond
Lecturer: Dr. Michel Beniard
25 March 2015

Spring 2015 Chinese Language Teacher Training
21 March 2015
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Chinese Culture Club: Chinese Movie Afternoon
20 March 2015

Guest Lecture: History of Sino-Russian Socio-cultural Interaction:  Main Stages and Characteristic Features

Lecturer: Prof. Nikolay Samoylov, St. Petersburg State University
11 March 2015
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CI staff visit to University of Tampere
The Confucius Classroom and teaching Chinese in Tampere
5-6 March 2015

Guest Lecture: New Brands of Jingdezhen Ceramics
Lecturer: Associate Prof. Yu Qinghua, Director of Department of Industrial Design, School of Art and Design, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
25 February 2015

Kiinalaisesta ajatusmaailmasta ja käyttäytymisestä (On Chinese thought and behaviour), CICERO Learning Network, University of Helsinki
Presentation by Kauko Laitinen
24 Febraury 2015

Spring Festival Activities Held at CI's Teaching Sites in Other
Finnish Universities

20 February 2015
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Chinese New Year Celebration
20 February 2015
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Chinese New Year Market at Lasipalatsin aukio
18 February 2015
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Chinese Culture Club: Chinese Food Culture
4 February 2015
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CI Board Meeting
26 January 2015
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Chinese Student Delegation visit CI

22 January 2015
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Sattumat itä-aasialaisessa ajattelussa (Coincidences in East Asian thught), Science Days
Presentation by Kauko Laitinen
7 January 2015

Chinese Culture Club: New year new friends
14 January 2015
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