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The 9th Confucius Institute Conference in Xiamen, China
7-8 December 2014
Dean of Faculty of Arts, UH, Professor Hanna Snellman and Director Kauko Laitinen participated. Preceding the conference, Renmin University of China President Chen Yulu hosted a dinner welcoming all the CIs where Renmin is the Chinese partner university. In the conference Dr. Laitinen co-chaired a Forum  “Division of Work and Cooperation between Confucius Institute Director and the Chinese director” and also introduced the good practises at Helsinki CI.

HSK Writing and Spoken tests
5 December 2014
There were 38 participants in Wrting Test and 11 participants in Spoken test.

Science in Diague –day at Peking University
26 November 2014
A large delegation of academic experts from University of Helsinki led by Rector Jukka Kola visited Beijing, where the main event was to raise an old co-operation agreement with Peking University to a new level of strategic partnership.  In that context the UH introduced its strengths on a whole-day public dialogue with Chinese scholars. Vice Rector Anna Mauranen, who is the Director of the Helsinki CI Board, used the opportunity to pay courtesy calls both to the Deputy Director of Hanban Mr. Wang Yongli  at Hanban (Confucius Institute Heradquarters) and Vice President Yi Zhihong (Deputy Director of the Helsinki CI Board) at Renmin University of China on November 25. During the same visit Vice Rector Mauranen even visited Beijing foreign Studies University, where she attended a class of Finnish language student, met with the Dean of the Department of European Languages and gave a lecture to scholars of English philology. During the whole week of meetings and other events another highlight from the CI viewpoint was a reception for University of Helsinki’s Chinese alumni students and teachers, hosted by Ambassador Jari Gustafson, which also some of the CI’s former teachers could come to enjoy. Director Laitinen attended these events with Vice Rector Mauranen and also gave a briefing to the whole Finnish delegation  about Chinese etiquette and patterns of thought.

New Deputy Director of the CI arrives in Helsinki
11 November 2014
Associate Professor Wang Hong from the School of Foreign Languages, Renmin University, arrived in Helsinki and started her work as the Deputy Director (Chinese Director) of the CI.

World Forum on Chinese Culture in the 21st Century, Vienna
A symposium with the theme  “Past and Future fo Sino-European Cultural Exchange” was organized by Association for Yan Huang Culture of China, Beijing Foreign Studies University and China Institute of Culture Limited, with Confucius Institute at the University of Vienna as on-site host. Kauko Laitinen gave a presentation on “Chinese Language Teaching in Finland: its Development and Impact on Sino-Finnish Relations”.

CASS Delegation visit CI
31 October 2014
A delegation of directors, led by Prof . Zhao Shengxuan, First Vice President, CASS, vist CI and donate Chinese Language Dictionaries for the Institute.

Confucius Institute Day
26 September 2014

Guest lecture: Guqin - an Instrument for Chinese Ancient Scholars and Literati by professor Tian Qing
23 September 2014

A Delegation from China Central Institute for Culture and History visit CI
23 September 2014
A delegation of directors and researchers, led by Mr. Yuan Xiangpei, President of China Central Institute for Culture and History, visit CI and donate books for the CI library.

Chinese Lecturer Wang Haixia arrives in Helsinki
23 September 2014

World Conference on Sinology 2014, Beijing
5-7 September 2014
The 4th  World Conference on Sinology was held at Renmin University under the main theme “Exchange between ‘East’ and ‘West’: 400 Years in Retrospect”. Kauko Laitinen participated with a paper on “Observations on China by Finnish Sailors in the 18th Century”. 

Kauko Laitinen reassumes work as the CI director
2 September 2014
After finishing three year’s assignment as the director of the Finnish Institute in Japan, Dr. Laitinen reassumed the work as the director at the CI in Helsinki.  Previously he served as director in 2007-2011.

Training for new CI Chinese language teachers
25-27 August 2014
Three days training was held for 6 new Chinese language teachers who are teaching at the Universities of Oulu, Jyväskylä. Tampere, Eastern Finland and Helsinki.

Farewell party for Director Anja Lahtinen (director from January 2012 to August 2014)
20 August 2014

Farewell party for teachers Zhao Ruochun and Wang Yu
29 May 2013

International Conference:
Intercultural Communication Between China and the Rest of the World: Beyond (Reverse) Essentialism and Culturalism?
5-6 June 2014
Conference website

Guest Lecture: Philosophy of Calligraphy and Chinese Culture by Gao Yuan
14 May 2014

HSK Writing Test
11 May 2014

Guest lecture: Chinese Tea Culture by Dr. Zhang Xinmin
28 April 2014

Chinese Bridge Competition
11 April 2014

Chinese Media Landscapes Seminar
3 April 2014

Guest Lecture: The Culture And Health Cultivation on Traditional Chinese Medicine by doctor Gao Luan
27 March 2014

Ms. Feng-Hua Wang, US Embassy, Attaché, Information Resourses Officer and Taina Iduozee, Director American Resource Center pay a visit to CI
26 February 2014

Chinese Chess Friendship Tournament between Finnish and Chinese Teams
22 February 2014

Lantern Festival for CI students
14 February 2014

Chinese New Year Reception
6 February 2014

Chinese New Year Market at Lasipalatsi
30 January 2014

Xiong Mingyan and Judy Shen, University of Science and Technology of China visit CI
23 January 2014