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4th Confucius Institute Conference
Vice Rector Matti Tikkanen, Kauko Laitinen and Li Yuanzheng participated
11-13 December 2009

Finnish-Chinese Language and Culture Evening (中芬文化交流活动)
28 November 2009

Law in China in Comparison with the West - Geographic, Economic and Cultural Differences
26 November 2009
Professor Zhang Yongfan, Renmin University of China, University of Lapland
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Meeting for Teachers of Chinese Language and Culture
21 November 2009
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What is Chinese Calligraphy?
19 November 2009
TaM Tuula Velling
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Chinese Film Club: Beijing Bicycle
Prof. Li Yuanzheng introduced the film and lead discussion afterwards
12 November 2009

Sinology, Contemporary China Studies and Confucius Institutes
A presentation by Kauko Laitinen at the Special Session for Confucius Institutes, Second World Conference on Sinology: Sinology and Cross-Cultural Communication, Beijing
31 October 2009

Kiinan viisauden sydän (Confucius from the Heart)
Sirkku Ikonen and Kauko Laitinen discuss the new Finnish translation of Yu Dan´s Confucius from the Heart at the BTJ booth at the Helsinki Book Fair
24 October 2009

2009 Joint Conference of Confucius Institutes in Europe
Kauko Laitinen and Li Yuanzheng participate in the Conference held at Leuven International University College, Belgium
18-20 October 2009

China Year at Frakfurt Book Fair
Prof. Li Yuanzheng and three students give performances supported by Hanban/ Confucius Institute Headquarters at the Frakfurt Book Fair
14-16 October 2009

10th Anniversary of Chinese Language tests (HSK) at University of Jyväskylä
Kauko Laitinen, Cen Yuzhen and Mariliina Räsänen from University of Helsinki Confucius Institute congratulate the University of Jyväskylä and its Language Centre at the 10th Anniversary Celebration of HSK
16 October 2009

The New Words in Contemporary Chinese
Guest Lecture by prof. Cen Yuzhen
Language Centre, University of Jyväskylä
15 October 2009
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Discussion on Chinese Philosophy at Vallila Library, Helsinki
Sirkku Ikonen chairs a panel discussion with Raisa Asikainen, Kauko Laitinen and Pertti Seppälä as participants.
14 October 2009

China Cultural Week
7-9 October 2009
Discussion on Cross-Cultural Communication

Traditional Chinese Music Concert
5 October 2009
The Chinese Folk Orchestra of Renmin University of China
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Concert programme

The True Face of Mount Lu --on the Significance of Perspectives and Paradigms
30 September 2009
Prof. Zhang Longxi, City University of Hong Kong
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Experiences about International Summer School at Renmin University of China
24 September 2009
Students Katri Kinnunen, Oumnia Rachad and Mikko Törnqvist
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Opening Celebration of Denmark´s second Confucius Institute
Kauko Laitinen represents Helsinki Confucius Insitute at the Inauguration Ceremony of the Confucius Institute for Innovation and Learning at Aalborg University. The new Institute is established in collaboration with Beijing Normal University
18 September 2009

Housing and Social Security Reform in China
17 September 2009
Prof. Wu Bikang, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences:
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Experiences of the Confucius Institute in Helsinki
A presentation by Kauko Laitinen in the session "Confucius Institutes: China´s Cultural Rise?" at the 2nd Conference of the International Forum of Contemporary Chinese Studies (IFCCS) hosted by Nottingham University
7-9 September 2009

Open Doors Day
2 September 2009

How Chinese Netizens Change Chinese Society
28 August 2009
Dr. Cui Shoujun
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Comparing Erosion Problems in China and the United States
27 August 2009
Dr. Gao Guorong, Institute of World History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
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Chinese Chess Friendship Competition
22 August 2009

Autumn Season Chinese Teacher Training Program
13-14 August 2009

Preparatory meeting for Chinese Chess Frienship Competition
8 August 2009
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Tea and Conflict Solutions
Researcher meeting on intercultural communication with Professor Shoji Mitarai, Sapporo University
3 June 2009

Introductory Lecture on Chinese Chess (Xiangqi)
Mr. Mikko Törnqvist
28 May 2009
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Co-operation with Shandong University
Kauko Laitinen discusses possibilities for co-operation between Shandong University, Vantaa City and the Confucius Institute during the visit to Jinan by the delegation of Vantaa City led by Mayor Juhani Paajanen
21 May 2009

Chinese Film Club: My Father and Mother, by Zhang Yimou
The film evening was hosted by prof. Li Yuanzheng who introduced the film and lead discussion afterwards
15 May 2009

Seminar: China’s Energy Strategy and its International Implications
12 May 2009
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Teachers' training class
9 May 2009

Teachers' training class
18 April 2009
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Students from the Centre for East Asian Studies, University of Turku visit Confucius Institute
16 April 2009

Finland´s Second Chinese Language Speech Event
03 April 2009
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Report in Chinese

Farewell to Dr. Liu Xinguang and Welcome to Prof. Li Yuanzheng
30 March 2009
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Deans of the University of Helsinki Law School led by Prof. Jukka Kekkonen visit Chinese Law Schools
Palmenia Centre for Continuing Education and the Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki organise a contact visit to Law Schools of Renmin University, Peking University, Tsinghua University and Fudan University. Kauko Laitinen accompanies the delegation, which is warmly received by all Law Schools.
21-27 March 2009

Teachers´ training class
21 March 2009

The Tang Seminar: Society and Religion in Ancient China
17 March 2009
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KIINA, KIINA! -kurssipäivä, Oulun yliopisto
A Seminar organised by Institute of History at Oulu University in co-opertation with the Confucius Institute
11 March.2009
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Confucius Institute's Board Meeting
6 March 2009

Guest lectures by Confucius Institute Faculty
at the Centre for East Asian Studies, University of Turku
4 March 2009
Liu Xinguang, Cui Shoujun, Cen Yuzhen

Teachers' training class
21 February 2009
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Kiina-tiedon päivät Joensuussa
Guest lectures at the University of Joensuu and Joensuun normaalikoulu (University Teacher Training School at Joensuu) by Kauko Laitinen, Liu Xinguang and Cui Shoujun
19-20 February 2009

China's 30 Years of Reform and Opening-up
An Asian Trends Seminar co-organised by Asia Society Finland, the Confucius Institute and the Asia-Pacific Studies Programme of the University of Helsinki
3 February 2009
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Chinese New Year Celebration
Confucius Institute participated to the celebration organized by the cities of Helsinki and Beijing by introducing the Institute and its´activites in a booth at Lasipalatsinaukio, Helsinki
25 January 2009

Students Make New Year's Dumplings
23 January 2009
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China Researchers visit the Chinese Embassy
22 January 2009
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Meeting for Teachers of Chinese Language and Culture
17 January 2009
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Kiinan ja Japanin kulttuuripiirteitten vertailua (Comparing Chinese and Japanese Cultures)
A Science Day Lecture at Sibelius Upper Secondary School, Helsinki
Kauko Laitinen
8 January 2009