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The 9 th International Conference on Teaching Chinese Language
organised by the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching and the Confucius Institute Headquarters took place on 15-17 December 2008 in Beijing. Cen Yuzhen and Kauko Laitinen represented the Institute at the conference.

Welcome Meeting for Confucius Institutes of the Renmin University of China
Professor Chen Yulu, Vice President, and Professor Tang Zhong, Head of International Office, Renmin University, hosted the meeting. From University of Helsinki Vice Rector Tikkanen, Kauko Laitinen and Mariliina Räsänen attended this cordial event.
11 December 2008

How we Established the Confucius Institute in Helsinki
Speech by Professor Matti J. Tikkanen, Vice Rector of the University of Helsinki and Chairman of its Confucius Institute Board, on December 10, 2008, at the Third Confucius Institute Conference, Beijing (9-11 December 2008). Kauko Laitinen and Mariliina Räsänen also participated in the Conference and the workshop following it.

Confucius Institute Development Day
The whole staff
4 December 2008

Briefing on East Asian cultures for the China and Japan teams of the Academy of Finland
Kauko Laitinen
3 December 2008

Kiinan historian ja filosofioiden vaikutus nykypäivään
Luento Juridiikkaa kiinalaisin kirjoitusmerkein –seminaarissa
Kauko Laitinen
Koulutus- ja kehittämiskeskus Palmenia, Helsingin yliopisto
26 November.2008

Introduction to Tibetan Studies in China
Researcher Meeting with a visiting delegation from China led by Professor Zhu Xiaoming, China Tibetology Research Center
19 November 2008

Helsinki Education and Research Area (HERA) universities’ promotion tour to Nanjing, Shanghai and Beijing
Kauko Laitinen represented the Confucius Institute.
12-17 November 2008

Brief Introduction of Chinese History
Lecture at Sibelius Upper Secondary School, Helsinki
Liu Xinguang
10 November 2008

Itä-Aasian kulttuurit: näkökulmia Kiinan historiaan ja filosofiaan
Luento kulttuurituotannon kurssilaisille
Kauko Laitinen
Metropolia-ammattikorkeakoulu, Helsinki
6 November.2008

Confucian Role Ethics: A Vision of Human Rights in a Global Context
Guest lecture
Professor Henry Rosemont, Jr. , Brown University , USA
3 November 2008
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Briefing on the Confucius Institute activities for a Chinese journalist delegation, visiting Helsinki at the invitation of Finnfacts
The whole staff
29 October 2008

Meeting for Teachers of Chinese Language and Culture
25 October 2008
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Welcoming the New Teachers of the Institute
22 October 2008

Post-Olympic China
Asian Trends Seminar in cooperation with Asia Society Finland. Including
"Impact of Beijing Olympics in Chinese World View", Kauko Laitinen
"Post-olympic Beijing: Growing Pains of a ´Hot-pot` City", Liu Xinguang
7 October 2008

The Social in Contemporary Chinese Language: Japanese Loanwords
Presentation in the workshop Conceptual Histories of the World and Global Translations - Conceptualization of the Social in Eurasian Comparison , a part of the research project led by Professor Bo Stråht, University of Helsinki
Kauko Laitinen
3 October 2008

Kiinalaisesta keittiöstä ja ruuan valmistamisesta
Esitelmä Suomi-Kiina-seuran järjestämässä Kiinalaisen ruuan tapahtumapäivässä Kulttuurikeskus Caisassa
Mariliina Räsänen
27 September 2008

Silkkitien merkitys Kiinan historiassa ja nykypäivässä
Tutkijoiden yön luento Kouvolassa
Kauko Laitinen

26 September.2008

Global and Local Encounters
Seminar organised by SYLFF Association of Helsinki University in co-operation with Confucius Institute
25 September 2008
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Finnish China Studies and the Confucius Institute
Presentation in the 10 th Korea-China Culture Forum
organised by Seoul Confucius Institute et al
Kauko Laitinen
20 September 2008

How to Observe the Earth from Space: Space Technology Activities in China and Finland
Guest lecture
Dr. Qiu Yubao and Juha Lemmetyinen
18 September 2008
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Kiina filosofioiden maailmana
Luento Savonlinnan kesäyliopistossa
Kauko Laitinen
2 August 2008

Academic Co-operation on Chinese Tea Culture
Executive Vice President Zhou Guomo of Zhejiang Forestry University visited the Confucius Institute. Chinese tea culture is an academic subject in Zhejiang Forestry University. It was agreed that possibilities for co-operation will be studied in the future.
19 July 2008

Confucius Institute in Finnish-Chinese Academic Cooperation Presentation in Finland-China Cooperation Seminar
co-organised by universities of Joensuu and Kuopio
Kauko Laitinen
10 June 2008

Dynamics of Asia-Pacific Studies: Politics, Gender and Culture
A workshop arranged by the Asia-Pacific Studies and East Asian Studies Programmes in co-operation with the Confucius Institute. Kauko Laitinen compared Sino-Japanese relations in pre-modern and contemporary eras.
29-30 May 2008
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Meeting with Confucius Institute of Waseda University, Tokyo
Kauko Laitinen
21 May 2008

Principals of Upper Secondary Schools Visit the Confucius Institute
28 April 2008

Finland´s First Chinese Language Speech Event
26 April 2008
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Cultural differences in business world: China and Europe compared
Guest lecture
Ms. Xiawen Xie
17 April 2008
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Reflection Instruction in Listening Comprehension
Presentation in the 6 th National Conference on Chinese Linguistics at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Fu You
25- 27 March 2008

First Regional Meeting of Nordic Confucius Institutes in Stockholm
14 March 2008
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Introducing International Teachers of Confucius Institute and Asia-Pacific Studies Programme
Lecturer Fu You, Renmin University of China
Professor Chiharu Inaba, Meijo University, Japan
21 February 2008
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Workshop on Teaching Materials and Methods
16 February 2008
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Traditional Chinese Medicine and its Philosophy
Guest lecture
Dr. Liu Jianqi
14 February 2008
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Students Make New Year Dumplings
With co-operation of Hong Kong restaurant, Helsinki
7 February 2008
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Spring Festival Customs
Guest lecture
Dr. Gao Mingming, Department of East Asian Studies
5 February 2008
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Themes in Chinese History
Lecture at Helsinki University of Technology
Kauko Laitinen
31 January 2008