Chinese Language - Language courses 2016-2017

This page is under update. Some changes in courses are stil possible.


Confucius Institute comprehensive courses consist of two parallel set of courses which use different textbooks.

THE FIRST SET OF COURSES has the same content as courses in Asian Studies, using the same textbooks Overseas Chinese 1-4 and New Practical Chinese Reader 5-6. However in Confucius Institute the studying pace is slower than in Asian Studies after the first year. Confucius Institute courses are targeted to students not majoring in Asian Studies.



Chinese 1, 10 cr    Chinese 1 Morning Class (FULL)/ Chinese 1 Evening Class (FULL)

Intermediate Chinese 1, 5cr (Intermediate Chinese 1 and 2 together are equal to Chinese 2)
Intermediate Chinese 2, 5cr

Advanced Chinese 1, 5cr        (Advanced Chinese 1 and 2 together are equal to Chinese 3)
Advanced Chinese 2, 5cr

THE SECONND SET OF COURSES use the textbook series HSK Standard course 1-4. Each course not only teaches the students the basic language structures but also helps the students to prepare for the HSK Chinese language tests.


Beginners Chinese, 5cr (HSK Standard course 1-2) Autumn term (FULL)/ Spring term (FULL)
Lower Intermediate, 5 cr (HSK Standard course 3) Autumn & Spring terms/ Spring term
Upper Intermediate, 5cr (HSK Standard course 4)

Beginner level:
Elementary Spoken Chinese, 5cr

Intermediate level:         
Business Chinese, 5cr
Chinese Idioms, 3cr (Autumn term)

Advanced level:               
Learning Chinese through Media News, 5cr
Advanced Spoken Chinese, 5cr


Insights to Chinese Culture, 3cr (Autumn)
Chinese Painting, 3cr (Autumn)
Chinese Calligraphy, 3cr (Spring)

In May 2017 Confucius Institute organizes one short and intensive Lower Intermediate level Chinese course. This course is especially desigened for students who have just completed Beginners´ Chinese course and wish to continue learning on intermediate level in Autumn 2017. It also suit for students who wish to brush up their basic skills.
Lower Intermediate Chinese Summer Course, 3cr

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