Music and Emotions

Edited by Risto Pekka Pennanen (2010)


Cover and Contents (pdf)

Preface: Music and Emotions under
Cross-disciplinary Reflection
Juha Sihvola
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Equality and Love at the End of The Marriage of Figaro:
Forging Democratic Emotions
Martha C. Nussbaum
Full text (pdf)

Sentiment and Sentimentality in Music
Charles Nussbaum
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“And then they began to sing.”
Reflections on Tolstoy and Music
Stephen Halliwell
Full text (pdf)

Emotion and Zeitoper in the Weimar Era
Rachel Nussbaum Wichert
Full text (pdf)

Melancholic Airs of the Orient – Bosnian Sevdalinka Music
as an Orientalist and National Symbol
Risto Pekka Pennanen
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Contributors (pdf)

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