Hannah Arendt: Practice, Thought and Judgement

Edited by Mika Ojakangas (2010)


Title page & Contents

Mika Ojakangas
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What St. Augustine Taught Hannah Arendt about
“how to live in the world”: Caritas, Natality and
the Banality of Evil
Joanna Vecchiarelli Scott
Full text (pdf)

The End of Action: An Arendtian Critique of
Aristotle’s Concept of praxis
Jussi Backman
Full text (pdf)

Hannah Arendt’s Thesis on Different Modes of Evil
Jari Kauppinen
Full text (pdf)

Arendt, Socrates, and the Ethics of Conscience
Mika Ojakangas
Full text (pdf)

What Constitutes our Sense of Reality?
Hannah Arendt’s Critique of the Search for
Epistemic Foundations
Julia Honkasalo
Full text (pdf)

Hannah Arendt’s Angels and Demons:
Ten Spiritual Exercises
Markku Koivusalo
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