Translation - Interpretation - Meaning

Edited by Anneli Aejmelaeus and Päivi Pahta (2012)


Cover, Contents & Acknowledgements (pdf)

Päivi Pahta & Anneli Aejmelaeus
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Levels of Interpretation: Tracing the Trail of the Septuagint Translators
Anneli Aejmelaeus
Full text (pdf)

Linguistic or Ideological Shifts? The Problem-oriented Study of
Transformations as a Methodological Filter
Theo A. W. van der Louw
Full text (pdf)

An Example of Consistency. Interpretation by the Translator of the Greek Genesis in Rendering the Hebrew Semipreposition
Raija Sollamo
Full text (pdf)

Interpretation and Meaning in the Septuagint Translation
Jan Joosten
Full text (pdf)

Guiding the Reader's Reception: Pericope Titles in the New Testament
Christiane Nord
Full text (pdf)

Old English Vocabulary Dealing with Translation
Matti Kilpiö
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Discourse Forms and Vernacularisation Processes in Genres of Medical Writing 1375–1550
Irma Taavitsainen
Full text (pdf)

"Interpretation is Merely Another Word for Translation". A Peircean Approach to Translation, Interpretation, and Meaning
Ritva Hartama-Heinonen
Full text (pdf)

Welby's Significs and Translation as Meaning in Process and Progress
Pirjo Kukkonen
Full text (pdf)

Philosophical Issues in Meaning and Translation
Panu Raatikainen
Full text (pdf)

Translation and Historical Semantics in Philosophy
Simo Knuuttila
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