World Music: Roots and Routes

Edited by Tuulikki Pietilä (2009)


Title page & Contents

Tuulikki Pietilä
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I World Music and the Music Industry

World Music and the Global Music Industry:
Flows, Corporations and Networks
Dave Laing
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National versus Regional, Many versus Few:
The Dilemma Facing the Collection Societies
Phil Hardy
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II Rooted in the Global World

Traditional Music and the World Music Marketplace:
a Producer’s Experience
Joe Boyd
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Ghana and the World Music Boom
John Collins
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III The World Represented: Fusing Styles and Fixing Images

Globalisation and Commercialisation
of Caribbean Music
Mike Alleyne
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“Diasporic Music in a Time of War”: Pantomime Terrors
John Hutnyk
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IV Small Players in Big Business

The Invisible Conduit from the World
to the Ears of Human Beings
D. A. Sonneborn
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Improvised Performance in World Music:
Finding the Violin in Unexpected Places
Jonathan Feig
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