Universalism in International Law and Political Philosophy

Edited by Petter Korkman & Virpi Mäkinen (2008)


Title page, Contents & Acknowledgments (pdf)

I How Miserable Are We? On Natural Law and Interest

Man and Citizen: On Sociability and State in Early Modern Natural Law
Petter Korkman
Full text (pdf)

Colonialism and Universalism in Classical and Current International Culture
Emanuelle Jouannet
Full text (pdf)

Universal Society, Commerce and the Rights of Neutral Trade: Martin Hübner, Emer de Vattel and Ferdinando Galiani
Koen Stapelbroek
Full text (pdf)

National Interest and the Universal Good in Hegelian Political Philosophy in Finland
Juha Sihvola
Full text (pdf)

II Laws of Nature

The Evolution of Natural Rights Tradition, 1100-1400
Virpi Mäkinen
Full text (pdf)

Living Together: The Roots of Respect
Martha C. Nussbaum
Full text (pdf)

The Challenge Method: Natural law, Natural Philosophy, and Universalism in the 17th and 18th Centuries
Kelly Grotke
Full text (pdf)

III Towards and Beyond the modern Universalist Dream

Capitalism and Religion as driving Forces of Globalization: Universalism New and Old
Hauke Brunkhorst
Full text (pdf)

International Judicial Human Rights Review: Effective, Legitime or Both?
Andreas Follesdal
Full text (pdf)

Rethinking Global Democracy/World parlament: Towards Determining What International Cosmopolitical Law Is
Heikki Patomäki
Full text (pdf)

How To Think Universalism from Colonial and Post Colonial Locations: Some Indian Efforts
Tanika Sarkar
Full text (pdf)

One, Two, Three, Many International Legal Orders: Legal Pluralism and the Cosmopolitan Dream
David Kennedy
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