Happiness: Cognition, Experience, Language

Edited by Heli Tissari, Anne Birgitta Pessi & Mikko Salmela (2008)


Cover, Details & Acnowledgements (pdf)

A Happy Introduction
Full text (pdf)

Happiness in Ancient Philosophy
Juha Sihvola
Full text (pdf)

The Logical Structure of Joy (and Many Other Emotions)
Mikko Salmela
Full text (pdf)

Can We Raise the Level of Happiness?
Markku Ojanen
Full text (pdf)

What Constitutes Experiences of Happiness and the Good Life? - Building a Novel Model on the Everyday Experiences
Anne Birgitta Pessi
Full text (pdf)

Sour Faces, Happy Lives? On Laughter, Joy and Happiness of the Agelasts
Sari Kivistö
Full text (pdf)

Happy in Changing Contexts: The History of Word-use and the Metamorphoses of a Concept
Hans-Jürgen Diller
Full text (pdf)

The Conceptual Structure of Happiness
Zoltán Kövecses
Full text (pdf)

Happiness and Joy in Corpus Contexts: A Cognitive Semantic Analysis
Heli Tissari
Full text (pdf)

List of Contributors (pdf)

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