The Trouble with Ribs: Women, Men and Gender in Early Modern Europe

Edited by Anu Korhonen & Kate Lowe (2007)


Cover, Details & Acknowledgements (pdf)

Anu Korhonen
Full text (pdf)

The Embodiment of Truth and Sanctity: Women's Deathbed Conversions and Confessional Conflict in Seventeenth-Century France
Keith P. Luria
Full text (pdf)

Esthers in the Seraglio: Jewish Women in Early Modern English Travel Narratives on Turkey
Eva Johanna Holmberg
Full text (pdf)

Masculinity and Virility ― Representations of Male Sexuality in Eighteenth-Century Sweden
Jonas Liliequist
Full text (pdf)

G. F. von Franckenau's Satyra sexta (1674) on Male Menstruation and Female Testicles
Sari Kivistö
Full text (pdf)

Gender and the Culture of the English Alehouse in Late Stuart England
Bernard Capp
Full text (pdf)

Power and Institutional Identity in Renaissance Venice: The Female Convents of S. M. delle Vergini and S. Zaccaria
Kate Lowe
Full text (pdf)

"The Fall and Restoration of Elin Tönnesdotter": Land, Noble Property Strategies and the Law in Early Seventeenth-Century Sweden
Mia Korpiola
Full text (pdf)

"There's No Friend like a Sister": Sisterly Relations and the Rhetoric of Sisterhood in the Correspondence of the Aristocratic Stenbock Sisters
Anu Lahtinen
Full text (pdf)

Her Father's Daughter: Cassandra Fedele, Woman Humanist of the Venetian Republic
Sarah Gwyneth Ross
Full text (pdf)

List of Contributors (pdf)

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