Death and Mortality: From Individual to Communal Perspectives

Edited by Outi Hakola, Sara Heinämaa and Sami Pihlström



Cover and Contents (pdf)

Introduction: Human and Social Scientific Approaches to Death and Mortality
Outi Hakola
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Emotions, Grief, and Reality-Unreality in Human Mortality
Douglas J. Davies
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Human Death as a Concept of Practical Philosophy
Andrea Marlen Esser
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Elvis Ain't Dead Until We Say So
John P. Lizza
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Form versus Matter: Miraculous Relics and Lenin's Scientific Body
Alexei Yurchak
Full text (pdf)

How to Deal with the Restless Dead? Discernment of Spirits and the Response to Ghosts in Fifteenth-Century Europe
Kathryn Edwards
Full text (pdf)

The Many Senses of Death: Phenomenological Insights into Human Death
Sara Heinämaa
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Death and Guilt: A Transcendental Account
Sami Pihlström
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Licence to Die? The Meaning and Moral Permissibility of Voluntary Death
Hanna Ronikonmäki
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"The State as a Murderer": The Death Penalty and Just Authority in the Late Tsarist Empire
Anna Lenkewitz
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Soldier's Death and the Logic of Sacrifice
Ilona Pajari
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Death, Killing, and War
Jeff McMahan
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List of Contributors
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