Language, Space and Power:
Urban Entanglements

Edited by Jani Vuolteenaho, Lieven Ameel, Andrew Newby & Maggie Scott


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Language, Space and Power: Reflections on Linguistic and Spatial Turns in Urban Research
Jani Vuolteenaho, Lieven Ameel, Andrew Newby & Maggie Scott
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The Hybrid Performance of a District: A Study of the Work of a Tenants' Association
Nicolas Bencherki
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Public Representations of Immigrants in Museums. Towards a
Microsociological Contextualisation Analysis
Yannik Porsché
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Linguistic Landscape as a Translational Space: The Case of Hervanta, Tampere
Kaisa Koskinen
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Ethnic Diversity and Creative Urban Practice: The Case of Bradford's Mughal Garden
Charles Husband & Yunis Alam
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Capitalising on the City: Edinburgh's Linguistic Identities
Maggie Scott
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Textually Produced Landscape Spectacles? A Debordian Reading of Finnish Namescapes and English Soccerscapes
Jani Vuolteenaho & Sami Kolamo
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Crippled City: Joel Lehtonen's Krokelby as a Radical Inversion of Finnish National Romantic Landscapes
Lieven Ameel
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