Social Cohesion, Securitization and Counter-terrorism

Edited by Charles Husband


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Charles Husband
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Liberty, Security Notwithstanding
Glen Newey
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Securitization, Urban Policy and "The Community"
Lynn Hancock
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Exclusion through Openness? A Tentative Anatomy of the Ritual of 'Migration Debates'
Gavan Titley
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Terrorism, Media and the State: An Incestuous Spiral
Tom Moring
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The New Muslim Religious Brokers in European Cities and Politics of Muslim Citizenship
Konrad Pędziwiatr
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Policing and Muslim Communities in Germany: Structures, Workplace Cultures and the Threat of Islamophobia
Heidi Mescher
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Parallel Policies and Contradictory Practices: The Case of Social Cohesion and Counter-Terrorism in the United Kingdom
Yunis Alam & Charles Husband
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