Trade and War: The Neutrality of Commerce in the Inter-State System

Edited by Koen Stapelbroek (2011)


Cover and Contents (pdf)

Preface: The rights of Neutral Trade and its Forgotten History
Koen Stapelbroek
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From Grotius to the Seven Years' War: Balance of Power and 'Jealousy of Trade'

Commerce on Trial: Neutral Rights and Private Warfare in
the Seven Years' War
Tara Helfman
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Just and Unjust Neutrality: J.H.G. von Justi's Defence of
Prussian Maritime Neutrality (1740–1763)
Ere Nokkala
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Competition, true patriotism and colonial interests:
Forbonnais' vision of neutrality and trade
Antonella Alimento
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The War of the American Independence & the 'League of Armed neutrality'

From "hostile infection" to "free ship, free goods" : Changes in
French neutral trade legislation (1689–1778)
Eric Schnakenbourg
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The Dutch debate on commercial neutrality (1713–1830)
Koen Stapelbroek
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Sweden's neutral trade under Gustav III: The ideal of commercial independence under the predicament of political isolation
Leos Müller
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The progress of humankind in Galiani's Dei Doveri dei Principi Neutrali: Natural law, Neapolitan trade and Catherine the Great
Koen Stapelbroek
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The Napoleonic Era: Neutral Trade and the Inter State Order

"A price would be set not only upon our friendship, but upon our neutrality" : Alexander Hamilton's political economy and early American state-building
Mark Somos
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The 'Ignominious Fall of the European Commonwealth':
Gentz, Hauterive, and the Debate of 1800
Isaac Nakhimovsky
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Britain and the Neutrals in the French Revolutionary Wars:
The Debate Over Reprisals and Third Parties
Stephen C. Neff
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