The Travelling Concept of Narrative

Edited by Matti Hyvärinen, Anu Korhonen & Juri Mykkänen (2006)


Cover, Details & Acknowledgements (pdf)

An Introduction to Narrative Travels
Matti Hyvärinen
Full text (pdf)

Concepts of Narrative
Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan
Abstract Full text (pdf)

Towards a Conceptual History of Narrative
Matti Hyvärinen
Abstract Full text (pdf)

Sociolinguistic Implications of Narratology: Focalization and ‘Double Deixis’ in Conversational Storytelling
Jarmila Mildorf
Abstract Full text (pdf)

Which Narrative? The Case of the Narrative Subject in Fifteenth-Century Altarpieces
Ira Westergård
Abstract Full text (pdf)

Narrative, Memory and the Crisis of Mimesis: the Case of Adam Elsheimer and Giordano Bruno
Itay Sapir
Abstract Full text (pdf)

The Narrative Turn in the French Novel of the 1970s
Hanna Meretoja
Abstract Full text (pdf)

On the Epistemology of Narrative Theory: Narratology and Other Theories of Fictional Narrative
Sylvie Patron
Abstract Full text (pdf)

Narratives of Travel and the Travelling Concept of Narrative: Genre Blending and the Art of Transformation
Fiona J. Doloughan
Abstract Full text (pdf)

List of Contributors (pdf)

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