Dictatorship of Failure:
The Discourse of Democratic Failure in the Current European Crisis

Edited by José Filipe Silva & Alejandro Lorite Escorihuela


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Cover and Acknowledgments (pdf)


The Dictatorship of Failure: On the Economics and Politics of Discipline
José Filipe Silva & Alejandro Lorite Escorihuela
Full text (pdf)


A Democratic Legitimacy Assessment of Recent Governance Mechanisms in Economic and Monetary Union
Fernando Losada
Full text (pdf)

Democracy is Surrender. Antipolitics as Critique of Liberal Democracy
Mikkel Thorup
Full text (pdf)

The Legitimacy Crisis of the Economic Paradigm
Zora Kovacic
Full text (pdf)


The Evolution of Ultra-Capital and Actor-Network Capitalism
Jon Cloke
Full text (pdf)

Debt Sustainability Revisited
Katarina Sehm Patomäki
Full text (pdf)

Expert, Stakeholder, or Just Politician – New Roles of European Central Bank
Klaus Tuori
Full text (pdf)


Wars of the Twentieth (and Twenty-First) Century and the Twentieth (and Twenty-First) Century as War: Jan Patocka on Sacrifice and the Crisis of Europe's 'Supercivilization'
Golfo Maggini
Full text (pdf)

The 'We' that Bear the Burden of the European Dilemma – Can 'We' Together?
Patrizio Lo Presti
Full text (pdf)

The Great Transformation Three Centuries Later: Double Movement, 'Marketspeak' and Sacrifice
Matteo Stocchetti
Full text (pdf)

The Common Good

Public Virtues and Private Vices: Accounting Standards, Crisis, and the Common Good
Kelly Grotke
Full text (pdf)

Cosmopolitan Futures for Europe
Thomas Wallgren
Full text (pdf)

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