Citizenships under Construction. Affects, Politics and Practices.
Edited by Katrien De Graeve, Riikka Rossi and Katariina Mäkinen (2017)

"The Enormous Failure of Nature": Famine and Society in the Nineteenth Century
Edited by Andrew G. Newby (2017)

Applied Ethnomusicology in Institutional Policy and Practice
Edited by Klisala Harrison (2016)

Emperors and the Divine – Rome and its Influence
Edited by Maijastina Kahlos (2016)

Death and Mortality: From Individual to Communal Perspectives Edited by Outi Hakola, Sara Heinämaa and Sami Pihlström (2015)

Cultures of Death and Dying in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Edited by Mia Korpiola and Anu Lahtinen (2015)

Past and Present in Medieval Chronicles
Edited by Mari Isoaho (2015)

Intellectual and Political Elites of the Enlightenment
Edited by Tatiana V. Artemyeva and Mikhail I. Mikeshin (2014)

Cosmopolitanism and Transnationalism: Visions, Ethics and Practices
Edited by Leena Kaunonen (2014)

Dictatorship of Failure: The Discourse of Democratic Failure in the Current European Crisis
Edited by José Filipe Silva & Alejandro Lorite Escorihuela (2013)

Language, Space and Power: Urban Entanglements
Edited by Jani Vuolteenaho, Lieven Ameel, Andrew Newby & Maggie Scott (2012)

Habits of Consumption
Edited by Alan Warde & Dale Southerton (2012)

Social Cohesion, Securitization and Counter-terrorism
Edited by Charles Husband (2012)

Trade and War: The Neutrality of Commerce in the Inter-State System
Edited by Koen Stapelbroek (2011)

Music and Emotions
Edited by Risto Pekka Pennanen (2010)

Hannah Arendt: Practice, Thought and Judgement
Edited by Mika Ojakangas (2010)

Translation - Interpretation - Meaning
Edited by Anneli Aejmelaeus & Päivi Pahta (2012)

World Music: Roots and Routes
Edited by Tuulikki Pietilä (2009)

Writing in Context: French Literature, Theory and the Avant Gardes / L’écriture en contexte : littérature, théorie et avant-gardes françaises au XXe siècle
Edited by Tiina Arppe, Timo Kaitaro & Kai Mikkonen (2009)

Universalism in International Law and Political Philosophy
Edited by Petter Korkman & Virpi Mäkinen (2008)

Happiness: Cognition, Experience, Language
Edited by Heli Tissari, Anne Birgitta Pessi & Mikko Salmela (2008)

The Trouble with Ribs: Women, Men and Gender in Early Modern Europe
Edited by Anu Korhonen & Kate Lowe (2007)

The Travelling Concept of Narrative
Edited by Matti Hyvärinen, Anu Korhonen & Juri Mykkänen (2006)






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