The editorial board of COLLeGIUM invites proposals for future volumes to be published in the journal from HCAS Fellows related but not limited to, for instance, to a theme of a seminar, symposium or colloquium organized at the Collegium. The invitation for proposals is open throughout the academic year and the received proposals are discussed by the board in the order of their arrival.

The board reserves a right to accept or reject a given proposal.
Each proposal for a volume should include:

  • Title and a brief summary of the volume
  • Tentative table of contents
  • Brief abstract (max. 100 words) and a list of five keywords of each article
  • Estimated timetable
  • Assessment of the originality of the volume
  • List of five (5) keywords for the volume

Volume Editors are also required to follow the Guide for Authors and Guide for Referees issued by the COLLeGIUM.

The Editorial Board will appoint peer reviewers for the volume articles. The Volume Editor is recommended however to submit a list of potential peer reviewers to the Board.

Even though there is no specific format for volume proposals, they should be kept rather brief, recommended maximum length being no more than 4 pages. The proposals should be sent by e-mail to maija.vaatamoinen(AT)helsinki.fi.








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