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Media city symposium 15-17.5.2013

About the Symposium

Date: 15–17 May 2013
Venue: Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Fabianinkatu 24

In contemporary cities, the effects of advanced telecommunications and commodified media exist everywhere around us. In both eye-catching and oblique ways, mass and personalised media forms reshape our spatial practices and perceptions of specific milieus and the city as a whole. Throughout the interdisciplinary symposium, the spectacular, ordinary and contested aspects of the media city will be brainstormed through questions such as:

  • What is the relationship of materiality of media and symbolic media representations in the construction of densely digitalised urban milieus?
  • To what extent and how is media-saturation steering people's urban activities towards automated and un-reflected modes?
  • Do the "urban media affordances" open room for creative place-making practices, new amalgamations of technology and corporeality, and even chances for decoding and political resistance?
  • In which ways do different forms of art and popular culture (cinema, literature, theatre, digital games etc.) articulate and intervene in the media city?
  • What ethical and political issues lurk behind the pecuniary motifs of the ongoing mediatisation of space?

Keynote speakers include:

  • Anne Cronin, Lancaster University, UK

  • Scott McQuire, Melbourne University, Australia

  • Shannon Mattern, The New School, USA .

The organising committee

Jani Vuolteenaho & Outi Hakola, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

Seija Ridell & Sami Kolamo, University of Tampere.

Contacts / conference secretary:

Kirsi L. Reyes-Anastacio / Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
Email: mediacity-2013(AT)