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Human Mortality project aims to publish edited volumes on death and mortality. The articles on these publications may be based on (but are not restricted to) seminar presentations held at different events of Human Mortality project. The publications are following:

Ihmisen kuolevaisuus (Human Mortality): A book for wider audience will be published in Finnish in the spring 2014 by Gaudeamus. The article collection will explore different dimensions of death and mortality in the Finnish society and culture. Editors of the book are Sari Kivistö, Virpi Mäkinen and Outi Hakola.

Death, Dying and Mortality – From Individualistic to Communal Perspectives: The article collection will be an interdisciplinary collection of different approaches to death, dying and human mortality. The book will be constructed in a way that the approach to the topic moves from the individualistic questions of mortality and individual encounters with death to social and collective views on mortality and communal reactions to death and dying. Editors of the book are Sami Pihlström, Sara Heinämaa and Outi Hakola. The publication will be published in COLLeGIUM: Studies across Disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences in the autumn 2014.

Death in Literature: a collection of articles focusing on images and narratives of death, dying and mortality in literature and in the popular imagination. The collection is based on a three-day international symposium on “Death in Literature,” held in Helsinki in December 2012, which focused on representations of death and dying in literature. The book is edited by Sari Kivistö and Outi. It will be published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in the spring 2014.

Media and Death: The journal volume discusses mediatization of death and death as a media spectacle. The volume is based on a seminar “Media & Death”, held in Helsinki in June 2013.  The journal volume is published in Thanatos, a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, open access online journal specializing on death studies, in December 2013. The volume is edited by Johanna Sumiala and Outi Hakola.