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Mikko Salmela

Mikko SalmelaPh.D., Docent (moral and social philosophy)

Room 251

Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
P.O. Box 4
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

Tel + 358-(0)2941 23511                
Email mikko.salmela(AT)helsinki.fi

Research profile


Research interests

  • Philosophy of Emotions
  • Moral Psychology
  • History of Finnish Philosophy

Current research

Individual and Collective Emotions

In this project, I will develop a comprehensive philosophical theory on the nature and rationality of emotions, both individual and collective. I will first synthesize the results of my previous and ongoing research on emotions into a monograph that focuses on three senses of "true" emotion, the nature of emotions, emotional authenticity, and emotional truth. Along with this work, I will launch research of the nature and rationality of collectively intentional emotions. In this research, I will focus on four themes: the notion and possibility of collectively intentional, shared emotions; the types of collectively intentional emotions; the place of shared emotions in the structure and dynamics of groups and group attitudes and, the rationality of shared emotions. The expected scientific and social impact of the project is significant. In the context of individual emotions, the project will solve poignant philosophical problems regarding the affectivity and normativity of emotions and yield viable theoretical underpinnings for various practical considerations like emotion management at work and treatment of emotional disorders. The systematic research of collective emotions is the first of its kind in contemporary philosophy. This research will provide improved theoretical tools for social sciences for the understanding of the affective structure and dynamics of groups and group behavior in various domains of social life, such as political and social movements, workplaces, as well as religious and ideological communities.