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Elena Ermolaeva

Ermolaeva photoPhD (Classical Philology), Saint Petersburg State University

Room 337

Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
P.O. Box 4
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

Tel +358-(0)2941 23507
Email  elena.ermolaeva (AT) helsinki.fi

Research interests

  • Homer and epic poetry
  • Ancient Greek epic parody
  • Ancient Greek Scholarship


Current research

Ancient Greek Epic Parody

Her goal during her time in Helsinki would be to complete a full-length research on ancient Greek epic parody. Since the original texts are relatively few in number, the entire surviving corpus can be treated in a single monograph. Among the topics to be discussed are the genre status of epic parody; the origin and development of the form; the history of parodists' contests; the relation of epic parody to archaic Greek lyric poetry, Old and Middle comedy, satyr drama, technopaegnia and cento poetry; and parody as an indirect source of the transmission of the Homeric text. Although Classicists began to reflect upon the status of parody as a genre as early as in the mid-19th century, in the later 20th century did Greek epic parody evolved into a respectable subject of critical study. This increase in interest was due not only to the foregrounding of subversive forms in (post-)modern literary theory, but also and more crucially to the increased availability of texts after the publication of the Supplementum Hellenisticum and the editions of Matro of Pitane and of Archestratus of Gela by Douglas Olson and Alexander Sens. Her goal is to trace the entire historical development of epic parody and to analyze its aesthetic and social dimensions, while treating it as an integral part of Greek culture, shedding important light on our understanding of the reception of epic poetry in general.