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Cesare Cuttica

Cuttica photoPhD (History of Ideas), Université Paris 8, France

Room 223

Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
P.O. Box 4
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

Tel +358-(0)2941 23443
Email cesare.cuttica (AT) helsinki.fi

Research interests

  • Intellectual History
  • Early Modern British History
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Current research

Fighting the Monstrous 'Many-Headed Multitude': Anti-Democracy in Early Modern England 1558-1642

A historiographical consensus asserts that in the early modern period democracy was reputed to be the worst form of government. However, this scholarly trend leaves a few major questions unanswered: why was this so? How was criticism of popular government articulated? In what ways did different authors and genres depict the people and their power? Which political concerns and social prejudices informed this anti-democratic paradigm? What is the legacy of such a mindset? In order to address these points Cuttica's research explores for the first time and in detail how anti-democratic ideas were publicly elaborated in political, theological and philosophical discourse between the start of Queen Elizabeth's reign in 1558 and the explosion of the Civil Wars in 1642.