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Current Fellows

Andersson photoRani-Henrik Andersson
HCAS Core Fellow

Social Network Analysis and Computer Modeling in the Study of the Human Past: Three Case Studies on New Research Methods

Corte photoUgo Corte
Erik Allardt Visiting Fellow

Riding Culture: Collaborative Creativity, Risk-Taking, and Fun in Big Wave Surfing

Cuttica photoCesare Cuttica
HCAS Core Fellow

Fighting the Monstrous 'Many-Headed Multitude': Anti-Democracy in Early Modern England 1558-1642

De Groof photo Matthias De Groof
Postdoctoral Fellow in the Arts

Audiovisual Work and an Art Book on The Iconography of Patrice Lumumba in the Arts

Gripsrud photoJostein Gripsrud
Helsingin Sanomat Foundation Fellow

Public Discourse on Immigration in Scandiavia 1970-2016

Hartikainen photoElina Hartikainen
HCAS Core Fellow

"Women of Peace": Violence, Gender, and African Diasporic Religion in Salvador, Brazil

Kerr photoAshley David Kerr
Postdoctoral Fellow in the Arts

I'll be your Mirror: Performativity and the gaze in contemporary photomedia art

Knuuttila Simo photoSimo Knuuttila
Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Late medieval controversies about modal theories and epistemic logic, philosophical psychology in medieval and early modern moral philosophy and theology, contemporary issues in the philosophy of religion

Lahti photoJari Lahti
HCAS Core Fellow

Early life stress, epigenome, and genome in depression and related cardiometabolic risk

Lindberg photoSusanna Lindberg
HCAS Core Fellow

Technological humanity

Lindstedt photoIlkka Lindstedt
HCAS Core Fellow

Early Islamic rock inscriptions as historical sources

Nikolaev A photoAlexandre Nikolaev
HCAS Core Fellow

Morphological Language Impairment in Alzheimer's Disease

Oikkonen photoVenla Oikkonen
HCAS Core Fellow

Vaccines as Technologies of Difference in the Cultural Debate about Immunization

Palmén photoRitva Palmén
HCAS Core Fellow

The Salutary Power of Negative Emotions in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Peltola photoMarja Peltola
HCAS Fellow

Masculinities in New Times: 11-14-year-olds in Helsinki schools (MiNT)

Phoenix photoAnn Phoenix
Jane and Aatos Erkko Professor

Migration, transnational family lives and childhoods

Phoenix photo Birgit Poopuu
Kone Foundation Fellow

Acting is Everything: The European Union and the Process of Becoming a Peacebuilder

Quesada photoFlorencia Quesada Avendaño
HCAS Core Fellow

Minervas, modernization, and the transformation of Guatemala City (1870-1930)

Roine photoHanna-Riikka Roine
HCAS Core Fellow

Convergent Worlds in the Digital Age. New Forms of Participation and Sharing in Transmedial Environments

Roques photoMagali Roques

Grounding and Ontological Dependence in Medieval Philosophy

Sessarego photoSandro Sessarego
HCAS Core Fellow

Afro-Veracruz Spanish

Shaw photoJo Shaw

Building Citizenship Regimes: a global perspective

Stepanova photoEila Stepanova
HCAS Core Fellow

The Creation of Continuing Bonds by Karelian Immigrants and Their Descendants in Finland

Sverdlov photoIlya Sverdlov
HCAS Core Fellow

The Birth of Poetic Language. Syntax & Meter through the Ages and between Cultures in Medieval Scandinavia and England: a New Digital Humanities Research Tool

Tirri photoKirsi Tirri
HCAS Core Fellow

Changing  Mindsets about Learning: Connecting Psychological, Educational and Neuroscientific Evidence (CoPErNicus)

Tepora photoTuomas Tepora
HCAS Core Fellow

Emotional Investment and the Nation: The Personality Cult of C.G.E. Mannerheim

Tilli photoJouni Tilli
HCAS Core Fellow

The Rhetorical Politics of Lutheran Pastoral Power, the case of Finland 1945–2014

Trueper photoHenning Trüper
HCAS Core Fellow

Saving Lives from Shipwreck on the Shores of Modern Europe

Umarik photo Meril Ümarik
Kone Foundation Fellow

Learning and work transitions of new immigrants

Vlasova photo Ekaterina Vlasova
Kone Foundation Fellow

Advanced Russian of L2 Learners and Bilinguals in Finland: A Corpus-driven Analysis of Grammatical Errors and Semantic Mismatches

Wiklund photoMari Wiklund
HCAS Core Fellow

Interaction of Preadolescents with Autism Focus on Speech Prosody, Gaze Behavior and Misunderstanding Situations

Ylöstalo photoHanna Ylöstalo
HCAS Core Fellow

Missing "Plan F" - A Battle between Knowledge, Economy and Equality in the Changing Welfare State