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Research post as Academy Research Fellow to Josephine Hoergaerts

Academy of Finland's Research Council for Culture and Society has decided Research posts.

Among funded Academy Research Fellows is Current HCAS Fellow Researcher PhD Josephine Hoegaerts. Her project is called: The Voice of Authority. Articulating power and identity in parliament in France and the United Kingdom, 1830-1914

Project description
What did politicians sound like before they were on the radio and television? The fascination with politicians’ looks, mannerisms and voices is often connected to the rise of audio-visual media. But in the age of the printed press political representatives also had to perform and ‘speak well’. Making an impact in politics depended on being audible and sounding trustworthy. Using the official transcripts of parliamentary debate as well as journalistic and satirical publications, this project adapts sound studies methodologies to study the vocal performances of representatives in Paris and Westminster in the 19th century. Through an archival study of the process of oratorical and physical education that made boys ‘fit’ for politics, I explore the importance of vocal sounds in political careers and decision-making. In doing so, I will show that including sounding voices in the study of history is not only important, but also possible for periods preceding acoustic recording technology.


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