Kone Foundation Fellows

Since 2004, the Kone Foundation has been funding a visiting scholar programme targeting Baltic, Belorussian, Ukrainian and Russian scholars. The fellowship program has resulted in lasting research cooperation and friendships between Kone Foundation Fellows and Finnish researchers. This cooperation has extended far beyond the walls of the Collegium to include departments from the University of Helsinki, other Finnish universities and EU funding programs.

The Kone Foundation Fellowships are invitational and, therefore, scholars cannot apply directly themselves. Each year the Helsinki Collegium solicits suggestions for fellowship recipients from the University of Helsinki and other Finnish universities and institutions, as well as Helsinki Collegium alumni, including the Kone Foundation alumni. There are no quotas for the different countries or disciplines, but suggestions targeting young scholars are especially encouraged.



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2017 autumn

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2017 spring

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group photo of kone fellows 2015



group photo of kone fellows 2014