The 2017 Core Fellowship Appointments at the HCAS

The Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies received a total of 472 applications for its vacant Post-doctoral Researcher / University Researcher / Research Director positions by the application deadline. On 3 February 2017, the Director of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies appointed the following researchers to our vacant positions:

Appointees in alphabetical order

  • Andersson, Rani-Henrik, 1.9.2017-31.8.2020, “Social Network Analysis and Computer Modeling in the Study of the Human Past: Three Case Studies on New Research Methods”
  • Cuttica, Cesare , 1.9.2017-31.8.2018, “Fighting the monstrous 'many-headed multitude': anti-democracy in early modern England 1558-1642”
  • Lindberg, Susanna Elisabet, 1.9.2017-31.8.2020, “Technological humanity”
  • Nikolaev, Alexandre, 1.9.2017-31.8.2020, “Morphological language impairment in Alzheimer's disease”
  • Palmén, Ritva Anneli, 1.9.2017-31.8.2020, “The Salutary Power of Negative Emotions in the Middle Ages and Renaissance”
  • Roine, Hanna-Riikka, 1.9.2017-31.8.2020, "Convergent Worlds in the Digital Age. New Forms of Participation and Sharing in Transmedial Environments"
  • Sessarego, Sandro, 1.9.2017-31.8.2018, ”Afro-Veracruz Spanish”
  • Stepanova, Eila, 1.9.2017-31.8.2020, “The Creation of Continuing Bonds by Karelian Immigrants and Their Descendants in Finland”
  • Sverdlov, Ilya, 1.9.2017-31.8.2020, “The Birth of Poetic Language. Syntax & Meter through the Ages and between Cultures in Medieval Scandinavia and England: a New Digital Humanities Research Tool”
  • Tirri, Kirsi, 1.9.2017-31.8.2019, “Changing Mindsets about learning: Connecting Psychological, Educational and Neuroscientific evidence (CoPErNicus)”
  • Ylöstalo, Hanna Maarit, 1.9.2017-31.8.2020, “Missing “Plan F” – A battle between knowledge, economy and equality in the changing welfare state”

Reserve list in alphabetical order

  • Condello, Angela, ”Defining the European juridical culture through the normativity of exemplary cases of the ECJj and of the ECHR”
  • Huotilainen, Minna Johanna, “Gender as a mediator for auditory primitive intelligence”
  • Kallinen, Timo Petri , ”Creating a transnational religious public: Christianity and secular politics in African immigrant communities”
  • Laitinen, Riitta Elina, ”Thieves – Material Environment, Community, and Belonging in Early Modern Swedish Towns”
  • Lehtinen, Aki Petteri, “Robustness and confirmation of models”
  • Malaia, Evie, “Role of visual and linguistic complexity in language development”
  • Salmesvuori, Päivi Mari-Anne, ”Compassion and syncope: accessing the sacred in the middle ages”
  • Taipale, Joona Henrik, ”Blurred Boundaries: Intersubjectivity and Differentation”

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