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The Immigration Issue in Nordic Public spheres 1970-2016, Winter Symposium of the SCANPUB Project. January 25-26, 2018, Helsinki

SCANPUB is financed by the Norwegian Research Council and the University of Bergen. It started up 1 August 2016 and will run until July 2020. It has 3PhD students and 2 postdocs and involves researchers at the universities of Bergen, Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm.

A short description of the project:

Starting from the general observation that Denmark, Norway and Sweden in spite of all their similarities and close ties have had strikingly different public discourses on the issue of immigration, and have developed quite different political regimes in relevant policy areas, SCANPUB seeks to analyse and compare public discourses on immigration in Scandinavia, enabling (a) comprehensive and comparative description of developments and a basis for (b) a normative evaluation and (c) an attempt at a set of explanations. The issue is well suited for a study of how liberal democracy handles important, complex issues. SCANPUB is therefore also designed to (d) improve public sphere theory in areas concerning the forms and role of deliberation in actually existing democracies, and the continued role of the nation-state.


Symposium programme

Thursday 25 January

HCAS Common room

09.30 Morning coffee available

10.00: Jostein Gripsrud:  Welcome: How are we doing?
10.15: Ferruh Yilmaz (Tulane): How the Workers Became Muslims  
10.45: Questions/discussion

11.00 Coffee break

11.15: Stig Hjarvard: Immigration: The historical formation of fear
11.45: Questions/discussion
12.00: Jan Fredrik Hovden & Hilmar Mjelde (UiB): Key preliminary results of SCANPUB’s quantitative content analyses
12.30: Questions/discussion

12.45: Lunch break

14.00: Mervi K. Pantti (Helsinki U): Finnish immigration debate during the European border crisis: strategies of fear and anti-fear
14.30: Questions/discussion
14.45: Karina Horsti (Jyväskylä U): Visual representation of migrant death at Europe’s border 
15.15: Questions/ discussion

15.30: Coffee break

16.00: Ida Andersen (UiB): Formation and re-formation of political identities: Online debates about the refugee crisis as arenas for discussions about who ‘we’ are
16.30: Questions/discussion
16.45 Elisa Husu, (Helsinki U): The Discourses of the 2015 Migrant Crisis in Finnish Mass Media
17.00: Questions/discussion
17.15: End

18.30: Reception/dinner in the Common Room of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

Friday 26 January

HCAS Common room

09.45:  Coffee available

10.00: Jostein Gripsrud (UiB): National identity in multicultural nation states: A Critique of Jürgen Habermas’ notion of Verfassungspatriotismus
10.30: Questions/discussion
10.45: Leen d’Haenens, (U Leuven): The Image of Immigrants in the Media: Thought-provoking Effects. Presentation of the IM2MEDIATE-project
11.15: Questions/discussion

11.30: Coffee break

11.45: Silje Nygaard (UiB): Online Discourses on Immigration: Preliminary Results based on SCANPUB´s Quantitative Content Analysis
12.15: Questions/discussion
12.30: 2 SCANPUB projects briefly presented:
John Magnus Dahl (UiB): Immigration humour in Scandinavia
Ragnhild Mølster (UiB): The influence of public immigration debate on immigration policy in Scandinavia
13.00:  Questions/discussion

13.15 Lunch

14.15: Brainstorm, in groups: What to do with the enormous material gathered?
15.00: Reports from groups, discussion.
15.30: Summing up
15.45 End