Contact information

Director of the CoE

Lauri Aaltonen,
MD, PhD, Academy Professor

Haartmaninkatu 8 (PO Box 63)
00014 University of Helsinki

Phone: +358 2941 25595
E-mail: lauri.aaltonen (at)

Vice Director of the CoE

Jussi Taipale
E-mail: jussi.taipale (at)

Other members of the CoE

Sampsa Hautaniemi
E-mail: sampsa.hautaniemi (at)

Veli Mäkinen
E-mail: veli.makinen (at)

Eero Pukkala
E-mail: eero.pukkala (at)

Administrative coordinator
Tiia Pelkonen
E-mail: tiia.pelkonen (at)


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News from the CoE in Cancer Genetics Research

16.11.2016: Cancer Society of Finland Major Grant
Lauri Aaltonen's group received a 3-year Major Grant from the Cancer Society of Finland to study germline and somatic genomics in colorectal cancer.

8.-9.9.2016: Meeting of the CoE groups
The 5th annual CoE meeting was held on September 8th and 9th at Hotel Korpilampi, Espoo.

19.-20.5.2016: Workshops
Mäkinen group is organizing the Bioinformatics Research and Education Workshop, a workshop for PhD students in bioinformatics and computational biology, which aims to give an introduction to scientific conferences, including submission, peer review and presentation of scientific papers.

1.4.2016: EU grants
Lauri Aaltonen has received the ERC Advanced grant for project MYCLASS. This is his second ERC Advanced grant.

1.1.2016: EU grants
The Horizon 2020 consortium project HERCULES, funded by the European commission and coordinated by Sampsa Hautaniemi, started on 1.1.2016.

1.9.2015: Academy of Finland grants
Anna Vähärautio from the Taipale group and Simon Puglisi from the Mäkinen group received the Academy of Finland Research Fellowship, and Niko Välimäki from the Aaltonen group and Päivi Pihlajamaa from the Taipale group received the Academy Postdoctoral fellowship.

8.6.2015: Nominations
Jussi Taipale was elected a Fellow of the European Academy of Cancer Sciences.

1.6.2015: Professorships
Lauri Aaltonen starts as a part time visiting professor in Cancer Genetics at the Karolinska Institutet.

5.-6-5.2015: Meeting of the CoE groups
The 2015 meeting will be held in Majvik, Kirkkonummi. The program included scientific presentations and group activities to facilitate close collaboration between the groups.

New group members

New group members were asked to introduce themselves at the beginning of the scientific program (Photo by Esa Pitkänen)

1.5.2015: Text book published
The Mäkinen group published a text book on Genome-Scale Algorithm Design.

1.10.2014: Award
Sampsa Hautaniemi received the Anders Jahre Young Scientist Award from the University of Oslo for 'outstanding research on systems biology and cancer'

1.9.2014: Academy of Finland grants
Outi Kilpivaara from the Aaltonen group received the Academy of Finland Research Fellowship, and Alexandru Tomescu from the Mäkinen group and Biswajyoti Sahu from the Taipale group received the Academy Postdoctoral fellowship.

20.1.2014: Nomination
A publication from the Mäkinen group was nominated to top 10 in bioinformatics contributions 2013.

10.-11.10.2013: Meeting of the CoE groups
The 2013 meeting was held in Långvik, Kirkkonummi. The first day program consisted of scientific presentations by each of the research groups, as well as more informal science related activities, such as Science Pictionary.

The second day started with sports activities and ended with a talk by guest speaker professor Lassi Päivärinta on inverse problems.

science pictionary

Fierce competition for the victory of Science Pictionary
(Photo copyright Esa Pitkänen)

1.9.2013: Academy of Finland grants
Travis Gagie from the Mäkinen group received the Academy Postdoctoral fellowship.

1.1.2013: Professorships
Jussi Taipale and Sampsa Hautaniemi have been awarded professorships at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Medicine, in Medical Systems Biology and Systems Biology.

18.12.2012: The annual meeting of the CoE groups
The 2012 meeting was held in Korjaamo, Helsinki. The program included project presentations form each group and short introductions by new group members.

1.9.2012: Academy of Finland grants
Pia Vahteristo from the Aaltonen group received the Academy of Finland Research Fellowship, and Simon Puglisi from the Mäkinen group the Academy Postdoctoral fellowship.

17.2.2012: Epidemiologist job available
The Center of Excellence in Cancer Genetics Research is looking for an epidemiologist to work for the CoE in the Finnish Cancer Registry. For further information, please see the job announcement here. Application deadline is on March 16, 2012.

8.11.2011: Kick-off meeting of the Center of Excellence
The kick-off meeting of the CoE was organized at Restaurant Sipuli, where all the PIs introduces their research and all the group members introduced themselves shortly.