The administration of the Helsinki Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research consists of a director, vice director and coordinator.

In addition the doctoral programme has a steering committee (board) composed of professors and principal investigators representing the fields in the programme and a doctoral candidate representative elected by students among themselves. The term of the committee is four years. The term of the representative of the doctoral candidate is two years. The current four year period started 1.1.2014.

The steering committee's responsibilities

The steering committee

1) deals with the applications of those who have applied for the right to pursue a degree in the programme, organises a qualifying examination as well as an interview for the applicants, and makes a justified proposal to the faculty concerning the selected applicants
2) plans and develops the education in the programme
3) makes decisions concerning the principles of cooperation in the programme’s network
4) works on other tasks related to the operations of the programme

Composition of the steering committee from 2014 onwards

Professor Antti Mäkitie (Clinicum, Department of Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, director)
Professor Sirpa Leppä (Clinicum, Department of Oncology)
Professor Satu Mustjoki (Clinicum, Department of Medicine, vice director)
Professor Mika Mäkelä (Clinicum)
Professor Juha Tapanainen (Clinicum, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology)
LL Suvi Koskinen (representative of the doctoral candidates)