How to apply for a study right


All doctoral candidates in the Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research complete their doctoral degree in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki. There are two application periods per academic year, one during the spring term and one during the autumn term. If you are interested in doctoral training, please familiarise yourself with the application guidelines well before the next application period. A carefully prepared application is the first step towards the doctoral degree.


The Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research (KLTO) reserves the right to organize an interview.



All applicants wishing to be considered must submit the following documents:

A. Electronic Application
(form open during the application period), including
A1. A research proposal. Please use the University of Helsinki research plan template ( to draw up your research plan. he following fields related to the research plan are included in the electronic application form (the number in parentheses indicates the maximum number of characters per field, spaces included):

A2. A study plan. Please acquaint yourself with the doctoral programme’s degree requirements before drawing up your study plan
A3. The title and summary of your Master´s thesis or equivalent or a description of previous academic publications.
A4. The names of the supervisors, who have agreed to supervise your thesis.

B. Attachments to the Electronic Application

B1. Copies of your previous degree certificate(s) (Master's degree or equivalent and potential Bachelor's degree)
B2. Transcript of records for your previous degree(s) (Master's degree or equivalent and potential Bachelor's degree)
B3. Verification of language skills, unless proven by the Master's degree (see instructions for English, Finnish or Swedish)
B4. A permit by an Ethical Review Board and/or by the National Animal Experiment Board, if required by the research arrangement
B5. Supporting statement signed by your supervisor(s), Thesis committee members and professor in charge of the discipline (Faculty of Medicine) needs to be attached to the application.

C. Additional documents to be sent by post (applicants whose previous degree is not from the University of Helsinki)

C1. An officially certified copy of your previous degree certificate (Master's degree or equivalent)
C2. An official transcript of studies included in the Master's degree (or equivalent)
More information on submitting the documents related to eligibility
C3. Verification of language skills, unless proven by the Master's degree (see instructions for English, Finnish or Swedish)


The applications, along with the required additional documents, must be submitted by the end of the application period. Applications are submitted using an electronic application form, which closes at 11.59 PM (Helsinki time) on the last day of the round of applications. Those applicants who are required to send certified copies of the additional documents by post must make sure that these documents arrive by the end of the application period. Applications and additional documents sent by email are not accepted. Incomplete applications are not considered.

The certified copies of additional documents must be delivered to the Admissions Services of the University of Helsinki. For instructions on how to submit your documents, please see here.


The doctoral programme's steering group assesses all applications to the programme that meet the formal requirements. The steering group draws up an admission proposal indicating the names of the admitted and rejected applicants, together with the reasons for each decision. The final decision is made by the degree-awarding Faculty.

Once the decisions have been made, applicants will be informed of them. If the decision is positive, the offered study place must be accepted within the set time limit. Should the decision be negative, it will be accompanied by information on the appeals procedure.


The applications are evaluated by the Doctoral Programme’s board based the admission criteria. The Faculty of Medicine grant the right to pursue a doctoral degree based on the recommendation of the Doctoral programme’s board. All applicants are informed about the decision by e-mail. The offered study right has to be accepted within a month after the decision has been sent.

The so-called one study right rule has extended to cover all education leading to a university degree in Finland, including doctoral and licentiate degrees. The change will affect all studies that begin on August 1, 2016 or later. The rule of one study right means that if you are offered more than one study right at a higher education institution leading to a university degree starting at the same term, you may accept only one of them.

For further information, please contact Admission Services, admissions(at)

Timetable for the decisions, deadlines for accepting the offer and default dates for the beginning of the study right

Application period Letters of acceptance
to be sent by
Deadline for accepting
the offer
Study right begins
1.-14.9.2017 16.11.2017 30.11.2017 1.12.2017
3.-16.4.2018 15.6.2018 29.6.2018 2.7.2018