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Jan Weckström

WP6 - Impacts of Climate Change on Food Web Structure, Top Consumer Production and Fisheries Yields


Duration 2011-2014

Responsible leader:

professor Kimmo Kahilainen


Photo: Kimmo Kahilainen

Specific hypotheses

  • Fish species diversity will increase due to invasions leading also to higher abundance and biomass of non-native species. Higher temperature, increased nutrients and shorter ice-covered period increase fisheries yields, but change species composition towards invasive species.
  • Abundance and biomass of native species will decrease depending on case via intensified resource competition induced by invading species, predation by invading piscivorous species and/or frequent hybridization and introgression with invading species.
  • Ecosystem structure will initially change to more complex and food web size will increase as a result of increased number of links via higher number of invasive species.

Key deliverables

  • Estimates for future fish species diversity and production for fisheries
  • Provision of fisheries management guidelines by definition of adverse interactions from invasive species
  • Definition of food web metrics and energy sources shifts along warming climate    

Researchers A > Ö

Antti Eloranta

Brian Hayden

Kimmo Kahilainen

Hannu Lehtonen

Tommi Malinen