The T-BAPS page

T-BAPS Ver 1.0
(T-RFLP Bayesian Analysis of Population Structures)

T-BAPS is a free Windows package for performing clustering analysis using T-RFLP data. T-RFLP is a newly developed molecular fingerprinting technique mainly used to investigate population structures in microbial communities. Details of the method can be found in: Tang, J., Tao J., Urakawa, H. and Corander, J. T-BAPS: a Bayesian statistical tool for comparison of microbial communities using terminal-restriction fragment length polymorphism (T-RFLP) data. Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology, accepted for publication.

The detailed installation and usage instructions for the T-BAPS package are given in the software manual, which is included in the T-BAPS package (download from here and unzip). In addition to the internal files in the package,T-BAPS requires the following external components to be installed:

1. Matlab Runtime Component (MCR), download from here. NB! If you have used BAPS 5.x software, the appropriate component is already present in your system, and the step 1 can thus be ignored. NB 2! In case your computer lacks a C++ compiler, you need to install first one of the following patches to enable MCR installation: patch for 32-bit computers, patch for 64-bit computers.

2. Download and install OpenBUGS from here.

For any inquiries concerning the software, please contact: