This software contains an implementation of a Bayesian model-based method for inferring population trees based on molecular marker data.

Manual for BANANAS is available here.

Download the BANANAS software package for Windows .

Matlab component runtime is required for running the program. See Matlab compiler page for details.
The program is compiled and tested under Windows 7.

Details of the method are given in:

Siren, J., Marttinen, P. and Corander, J. 2011. Reconstructing Population Histories from Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Data. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 28:673-683.
Siren, J., Hanage, W.P. and Corander, J. 2012. Inference on Population Histories by Approximating In nite Alleles Di usion. Submitted to Molecular Biology and Evolution (under revision).
Siren, J. 2012. Statistical models for inferring the structure and history of populations from genetic data. PhD thesis. University of Helsinki.