Research Programme in Plant Biotechnology

Laboratory Director: Dr. Teemu H. Teeri, Docent

Group Leader: Dr. Alan H. Schulman, Docent


The laboratory seeks an understanding of basic questions in plant biology at a molecular level, with an eye to practical applications in the field of agriculture. Three main plant systems are under investigation: barley (Hordum vulgare L.), Gerbera hybrida (Compositae), and potato (Solanum). The laboratory employs some 25 persons and constitutes the largest plant research group in Finland Laboratory personnel


Barley is the most important field crop in Finland both in area planted and in yield. Our research in barley is concentrated in the following areas:

Molecular breeding of barley Starch synthesis and soluble starch synthase BARE-1, a barley retrotransposon Structure, intracellular targeting, and function of barley aspartic proteinase Molecular genetics of floral organ differentiation

Pathways of secondary metabolism in gerbera


Potato is likewise an important crop in Finland. Worldwide, losses due to viral disease are immense. We are concerned with improving virus resistance in potato and other crops: Molecular biology of potato viruses

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