The Master's Degree Programme in Biotechnology (MBIOT)

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Contact Information

Coordinators at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
Viola Niklander-Teeri (Plant & Animal Biotech)
Dept. Agricultural Sciences
viola.niklander-teeri (at)
+358 2941 58424

Tiina Naskali (Food, Microbial & Environment Biotech)
Dept. of Food and Environmental Sciences
tiina.naskali (at)
+358 2941 58688

Outi Orenius(Forest Biotech)
Dept. of Forest Sciences
outi.orenius (at)
+358 2941 57976

Coordinator at the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences:
Leila Kauppinen (Molecular Biotech)
Dept. of Biosciences
leila.kauppinen (at)
+358 2941 59088

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Last updated: November 20, 2014
viola.niklander-teeri (at)
leila.kauppinen (at)



The Master’s Degree Programme in Biotechnology (MBIOT)

MBIOT supplies the students with the expertise and skills they need for modern biotechnology research and related employment. Topics in instruction range from the latest developments in recombinant DNA technology to non-technical issues, such as business and bioethics.

MBIOT is organised by the the Faculty Agriculture and Forestry and Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences in close co-operation with the Institute of Biotechnology. The state-ofthe-art scientific research conducted at these units offer exceptional opportunities to pursue studies in an inspiring research-oriented environment while benefiting from modern facilities.

Graduating with a Master's Degree from MBIOT offers scores of opportunities for a wide variety of careers, both within and outside of research and science.

Which Faculty to apply?

The MBIOT programme at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry offers four specialist options under the major subject Biotechnology:

  • Animal Biotechnology
  • Food Biotechnology
  • Microbial and Environmental Biotechnology
  • Plant and Forest Biotechnology

The MBIOT programme at the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences offers one specialist option under the major subject Biotechnology:

  • Molecular Biotechnology


The University of Helsinki has one intake of students per year to the Master's programmes. Next application period begins on December 1, 2014 and closes on January 30, 2015 at 16:00 (GMT +2) . Read more »»

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