Research and Centres of Excellence

Photo: Veikko Somerpuro Academic research at the Department of Biosciences is internationally oriented with a wide variety of research topics. The scale of research targets ranges from atoms and molecules through cells and individuals up to the level of populations and ecosystems. Several Centres of Excellence, as granted by the Academy of Finland, operate in the department .

Academic research at the department is mostly done in research groups, which are listed on these pages according to the majors of the department.

The work of the groups is funded by competitive research grants obtained from external sources such as the Academy of Finland, the National Technology Agency of Finland, various ministries, the European Union and various domestic and foreign private foundations. Additional funding is obtained by some groups from private companies and through contract research.

The Department of Bioscences offers several core facilities subject to charge for research groups, companies and authorities. Please see the summary of individual services.

The research groups of the department participate in several different organisations together with other research groups from the Helsinki area. These organisations include, for example: